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27 February 2006

Another Day in the life of...who else? ME

Another day drawing to a close...Kash was..interesting! W/ Amy and Jason you can not not have fun. and that is not a typo. Amy, why doth thou persisteth in jesting @ the Lord Jason and Myself, Lady Leah? What doth amuse thou soest? I cannot change my habits for doth my teacher not so telleth me to hold my limbs (arms) and my face a certain way? Untill my limbs whither soest I cannot hold them in that manner and my face is weary soest I cannot hold it in tht expression, I shall so do such! Whoa! Sorry about that! my inner Shakpeare kicking in. I'm getting over excited about tomorrow. A shakespeare lecture!!!!! OHHH!!! help I think I'm having a heart attack from thinking of it! lol Anyway, before you guys decide to stop reading my blog (though, @ this point nobody knows my blog exists) I am warning thouest to watcheth out forest thyself...ops. see? n/m...the warning is useless....

26 February 2006

Agent under Fire

Hey Everybody! I FINALLY created a blog! (Addie~thanks so much for the idea! I love my name!) Anyway, I know everyone is dying to read this. : ) And I really don't have anything to say except if you want to read other postings of mine go to , click on the "forums" and I post under "young cellist". Mykkanen13 is my username. So I know everyone is interested in that but anyway it's there. umm, that's pretty much it. Yeah, I know, wow! interesting blog leah! lol so once more I have something great to say. See some of ya tomorrow! (btw- I love this picture--------------------^)