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29 March 2006

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We just went to a great concert last night...The St. Lawrence String Quartet.(soooooo much better than listening or watching an orchestra concert!!!!! Those are as boring as...hmmmm, me! ha lol) They are awesome! They are a lot of fun to watch too. The 1st violinist, Geoff Nuttall, moves so much...he lifts his feet off the floor and looks like he's going to get up and dance around! LOL I wonder if he ever falls off his chair...? The 2nd violinist, Barry Shiffman, his bow arm looks like Mrs. Malleway's( Mallaway's? not sure, anyway...). Mr. Spahr looks kinda like their cellist, Christopher Costanze. Except Mr. Spahr doesn't hunch over so much.

lol, I get lectured on that all the time! "Leah, you can play thumb position hunched over...Can you play it sitting normally now?"

They played 4 pieces. 2 Mozart, 1 Reval (sp?), and 1 Shoshtokovich. The latter 2 (sp?) were the best. Maybe. lol. It was fun. The only 'un-fun' part was rushing home from Kokomo and having 20 min. to take care of the animals, change, eat dinner, and do my hair. Got everything done except the dinner part (bad idea!). I'm not really sure how my hair looked 'cause I left my bag @ the church after spending the night w/Addie and my curling iron and mirror were in there. lol, oh well. It was fun anyway. I g2g finnish school. See ya!
- Me

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