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09 March 2006

Catching up on a week...

Hey everybody! (well I guess just Addie and Meg and I have had a cold for one week everybody knows. School is back in the groove. This last term has been better for me than my first. I had a GREAT! cello lesson last night. lol I was complemented! And when Mr. Sparh says something he means it! Yahhh! I'm gettting ready to go practise with a girl for Jr. Festivel. I might be baby-sitting Annastatia (spelling?lol) and Ethan is turning 10! I'd say what I'm going to get him but he is reading over my shoulder so....needless to say, I can't. I want to get him a Smashmouth c-d sometime. If anybody sees the album with "All Star" on it PLEASE let me know where!!!!!! Or, the Shrek and Shrek 2 c-ds...he loves ALL the music on whoever the bands are on there could somebody let me know that too? Meg- I'm gonna change it so you can comment...I didn't know that it was set that way but obvoiusly(sp?) now i do! Well, Ethan wants to go watch Big. Good luck to all you girls in Volleyball! Let's see if I can get all you hear....Lindsey, Haley, Bethany, Moriah, Sidney, Megan, Sarah, Amy, Katie? Emily? Tory? (lol I'm not sure whos all doing these work out things) Kelly...and I guess a few others sorry if I missed your name...please put it here . U all have my admiration!!!!!!!! Good luck to all you girls and guy(s) who are in the J.R. festivel (sp?)! See ya on Sat. maybe! k...g'bye!


Addie Fisher said...

I know how to get links on your blog but cant tell you very well over the internet so I will tell you on a Tuesday or a Thursday.
I will see you tomorrow.
I cant wait till next week!

leah buns ;-) said...

ok, thanks! I think I might be there Thurs. but I'm not saying anyhitng 'cause I probably won't. Atleast, everytime I make plans, something goes wrong...these past 3 weeks anyway. lol See ya!