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16 March 2006

e-e-e-e-ahm *throat clearing* (really)

I have now been sick for the last 2 weeks....IT STINKS!!!!!!!! lol anyway, I have now missed SCA 2 times and I wouldn't be worried except that Latin is confusing enough IN CLASS. Well, that and Algebra. Addie- can you bring Apologetic notes so I can see what he talked about? O yeah, I finally got my books! (by the way, why I haven't been @ SCA is b/c I've been running a fever YUCK!) I'm gonna need help getting caught up...I think I'm auditioning for a play either tomorrow or Saturday. "The Wizard of Oz". If I feel ok. My cello playing sounds really bad now that I haven't played for about a week. = ( Well, I better go start homework and practicing again...Megan and Addie- how's your duet going? See you guys soon! (hopefully) (oh, that's a pic. is of you know who, inside a really big tree, last winter, in S. C., in a swamp....just so ya

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