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03 March 2006

Shakespeare play

Today, we went to see "The Merchant of Venice." It was sooo good! I know, everyone thinks I'm a weirdo(I read his plays and sonnets and like them...yes Megan, I LIKE them lol) but, I loved it! I think I liked it better without the costumes and props. It really helps to concentrate (spelling?) on the words and actions that the actors are doing without the distractions of props and such. But I have friends who don't like it w/o the costumes. Anyways, thats about it. But it was awesome! I loved it! If you want to go (nobody again, knows my blog exists b/c Addie- I can't get your e-mail to work! : P) tomorrow night, @ IUK it's playing again. I want to go again. ok, i'll stop boring u...ttyl

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