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27 April 2006

Caffeine...CAFfeine...CAFFEINE!!!!! (o gosh what a day...)

Gosh, first our power goes off twice last night. Once, while I was finishing a paper due today. (It was finished but I was typing it so it would look nice :-) ) And again while I was asleep. So, naturally, I couldn't fix my alarm clock. If only I had Trevor's which automatically goes off at 5:09 a.m no matter what time you set it at. Since that's the time I have to get up, it's perfect. How 'bout it Trevor :-)? Then, I'm late for Church History 'cause of my stupid alarm (or power out, whatever!). Then, we get a whole pot of coffee with vanilla! YUMMY YUMERS! (that is the "caffeine" part) Then, Jamey, Ben, Trevor, (the girls had some too, but not near as much) finished off two 2 liters in the 'fridge, (that's the "CAFfeine" part). Now, being all "hyped up" (like my use of vocabulary? :-) ) The guys are all, umm, caffeinated and, umm,...ENERGIZED, that's the word! Then, (yes, there is more to this scary tale) Kelly (bless and curse her! Just kidding Kelly! :-) [not that she reads this but just so you know how it was {don't you love me when I try to be confusing!}]) Well, Kelly brings in two FULL 2 liters and two FULL bags of chips. Most of us (most of us meaning the girls) had about two cups...Do you want to know what the least,
-ops, I meant the rest -of us had? :-P -just kidding, they're swell -like my adjective "swell"? - guys, sometimes unless they've had too two much caffeine...:-)-- Lets just say both of the two 2 liters were gone by lunchtime. And the two FULL bags of chips. (That's the "CAFFEINE!!!!!" part) And then I get home and I get to have grinders!!!! Yeah!!!! With chips!!!! :-P (that's the "(o gosh what a day.....) ) osh, cosh, be-gosh, coffee gosh, and double coffee gosh! And as Trevor would say, especially during devotions, when we are all trying to be serious, and Trevor is just plain funny, "cows!" :-) (I love your little expression-istic sayings Trevor. They make me laugh! :-))

19 April 2006

Die baby die!!!! :-P in a good way... :-D

Want a really cool way to kill yourself?
(Kids: this has been tested by a trained professional, don't try this at home!) :-P
Thank Amy for it, who thanked Scott for it, and now you'll thank me...

ops, forget that part :-P

"Sunny skys, pretty day..."

Ok for all of you who are Muppet fans, you should know this song! :-P I'm right now, at this single moment, presently, etc. typing a paper for English about light switches. Yes, light switches. The first two paragraphs have been fun, (yes, fun :-D), but this one, has been just hmm, as Amy would put it, "barfy!". :-D Well, I have a lot to do before I leave in a 1/2 an hour so I better, skid-daddle :-P Ta ta, te te. and to to!

17 April 2006

I'm learning to drive... never mind, I didn't say that! (didn't want to scare you away...yet)

Yes, the title does not lie... I started driving a bit today! On the way home from orchestra, when we got off of 31, dad slowed down looked at me and said, "You want to drive?". So, I drove from 31 to our house!!!! :-D I hate our driveway :-P !! It has two ditches on each side of it. I'll post a photo later...not that anyone's really interested but anyway. That's it 'cause I have homework for tomorrow. See y'all :-P

14 April 2006

P.S to whatever this is called of Randomness

Also now there is Blinky, guildenstern, WildBlue, and albert...:-P

(If you can think of a good title for randomness...put it here________)

*sigh* It's about to rain...So I guess that means I won't be riding Liza...or running...or riding my bike down to Mrs. P's...I'll be doing homework :-/ . But I think I'm finally understanding Latin :-). I'm trying to talk Ethan into watching Elizabethtown...:-/. I got an e-mail from Interlochen! :-) I didn't get financial aid :-/. I don't know why I'm on-line right now...:-? I don't have anything to say...except, check out Zeus, Gibbs, Portia, and Oinks (the latter being named in honor of the best ice cream place in Michigan!) at the bottom of my blog. And, if you want to laugh hysterically till your little brother comes in and tickles you and that doesn't even make any difference, go to Amy's blog and read everything! She is so funny!!!! :-P

13 April 2006

Something AWESOME!!!!!!

Gosh I loved today. It was so nice outside. Eating lunch, in the sun, where it's warm....ahhh... I don't know why, but walking to Jamey's was fun...And vanilla Coke, who could say no? (Except maybe Amy who doesn't like it...I think :-P) Then, I came home without having to go to the library. Memorized vocab words while walking around Mejer. Then, coming home, running, riding Liza, mom and dad went and got movies and ICE CREAM!!!!! So ha, I've been eating Cookie-Dough Ice Cream people!!!!! :-P And Addie, I'm sorry, I can't wait to watch 'Elizabeth Town'....I got it. I was trying to figure out why mom wasn't telling me to go to bed, and I was watching a movie, when just now it hit me...we don't have school tomorrow! HA!! This is positively the best day of my life...ok, maybe not THE BEST, but pretty darn close. Well, last note to Trevor (though he doesn't read this), and to Ben (who doesn't read this either...I think), I happen to think Peter Parker (Toby McGuire?) is cute and sweet...despite what you say. (Maybe it was just Trevor....I can't remember:-P) Anyway....weird ending though...but I'm happy and that's what you get when I'm happy...random bits of jumbled weirdness...Good night all...

12 April 2006

Anyone want to join me being annoyed :-P

Gosh, I'm need help! lol I keep randomly going into Tenor cleft when I am supposed to be in Bass cleft!! I was playing a duet with the c-d that I'm working on for my recital and kept wondering why I always sounded way off at this one part...well, that was why. Why do I do that? I don't like Tenor cleft. I did it at Orchestra too. Just switched clefts with-out meaning (wanting) to. See? This is what happens when you have to learn more than one cleft... lol . It's sooo nice outside and I've been inside all day. But I have all my homework done for tomorrow so I don't know why I'm not out there...These walls are closing in on me...The room is getting smaller and smaller...AHHHHGGG!!! Forget KYSO and Cello lesson...I'm out'ta here!! Worry, I may never come back inside!!!!!! :-P

11 April 2006


Whoa, that was totally random...anyway, I just got in from running and lifting weighs. Ahh, feels good after not doing it for a while. I just watched 'Hitch'. It was pretty funny. I have all my homework done for Thursday so tomorrow I can start to catch up on Latin. Yahhh! :-! I want to be good at it...but I'm not. :-/ Tomorrow I'll be at KYSO rehearsal. Then cello lesson. well, I'm so tired and it's 9:30! weird...I'm never tired at night...oh yeah, if you want to be jealous of my friend ben's 'true musician' shoes go to k, read the entire book of James for devotions's my favorite scripture...almost :-P k, everybody, I know it's hard but keep out of trouble...that includes braking windows by blasting The White Stripes or Coldplay too loud. Blare it out, (is that the 'right' kind of blare?) , just don't brake your parents windshields in the process. :-P

09 April 2006

Slow down...

Whoa Guys, you really need to stop putting so many comments!! ;-) I can't keep up with them all! :-P It is soooo nice today, so instead of wasting your time reading my blog, (if you read my blog at all, your already wasting your time :-!) get outside and lay out or run or something! (Exclamation point, strong feeling, exclamatory sentence. Go back to the verb, divide the complete subject from the complete predicate...oh,, Mrs. Jones would be proud of me..) (or be like me: stay inside and study for tests while watching clouds go by...oh, wait, there aren't any clouds...*sigh with annoyance* silly me...k, 'PUBLISH POST'

08 April 2006


Last night, Ethan and I tried to watch "The Two Towers" extended version 'cause it's our fav. extended (at the moment). After about 20 min. though, I think we both fell asleep. Anyway, I wake up this morning to someone singing something. Trying to figure out who the heck at 6 or whatever in the morning (Sat. of all days! lol j/k, I want to get up in the morning even on week-ends) is singing! I get up got to my room (I fell asleep on Ethan's other twin bed) and realize it's my alarm clock 'singing' . I turn it off, turn off the 2nd alarm, and stumble back to Ethan's room. (My bed had school books on it and the other bed was already warm too lol). Anyway, I just close my eyes, when Ethan, on the other side of the room, sits up and says, "Wanna play playstation?" "ummm, no thanks, that's ok. You can." "Ok," he answered. He proceeds to get up, turn on the tv, (wow it was bright!), and play while I, fall asleep for about another 2 hrs. When I finally get up (hey, it was a late night lol), I feel like Audrey Hepburn in 'Roman Holiday' (which, if you haven't seen, you should. Unless your a guy, you may not like it :-P) . You know, when she can't sleep and the Dr. gives her the sleeping shot and then she runs away but is so sleepy then that she kinda walks around mumbling and stumbling around kinda drunk like? Well, that's what you missed this morning about 8:00. A live performance of that! lol I just remember my mom giving me a weird look as I tried to get myself some breakfast and say good-bye (she has IUK on Sat.). Besides that, after breakfast, I crawled back into the warm bed (I really have never been so beat in my life!!) And watched Ethan for awhile. Then finally deciding that it was stupid to waste anymore time of that lovely, cloudy, 30* day, I got up and took care of the animals. Then I cleaned the bathroom and did laundry waiting to take my nice shower till I got the bathroom clean. Ahh, it was well worth it! The high-light of my day...Well, besides getting a new lunge-line for Liza and a new chin strap so I can ride her again and and riding crop so she doesn't keep stopping on me PLUS (ready for this?) Luke just helped me figure out this impossible problem! Well, obviously not impossible, but it felt like it! I was just about to give up, when he came on-line. And he stayed till I solved it...Thanks Luke! :-P Well, that's about my day. I'm going to try to finish this math test and go to bed. Ohhhh, good morning everyone! It's 12:02 a.m Palm Sunday... (this is the most I've ever typed...especially with my eye-lids practically shut...) k, where's the publish button...'night...

06 April 2006

(Whoa Baby)

I can never think of a title so there's anyway, I had a totally awesome cello lesson last night! My teacher says I'm so perfect @ what I yeah right! I don't know if he's ever had more to say on my playing than last night...I was terrible. ok, on to the un-interesting stuff now, (yes, the last thought was the interesting one :-P) I was accepted at Interlochen. Not the division I wanted, it was full. But I made the Intermediate division. (yah! I get to wear red socks) I'm not sure if I got any scholarship money though. Which will depend if I go there or IU as IU is only $500 and Interlochen is $3000 and something! That's about interesting stories like the heroine James...(I love her blog! :-P)

05 April 2006

are you really interested in reading this?

I was in the garage Sat. , and leaning against the dolly (is that how you'ld spell it?) I fell forward, my arms and feet underneath. My wrists landed on the tractor weel pretty much full weight. My entire body was so sore. lol, @ Orchestra (yes, I still refuse to call it Creasendo! don't ask why) after playing that Handle or whatever the no fun piece is, my arms hurt so bad. As I was rubbing them, Jason kinda gave me the,"What is wrong with you," look and pretty much said the same thing. After I told him he became more sympathetic and where-by I have nothing else to say...
(except, sympathetic is fun to say, try it a couple of times...
out loud is best : P)

04 April 2006


Well, I haven't revolted against DST (yet). But I heard of someone who did today. : ) I was at the dentest and the hygenist (sp?) who was cleaning my teeth said her sons had revolted lol. They wouldn't change their clocks! I went shopping too. I was looking for a dress for my recital but no luck except finding a million prom dresses! lol One of them would have almost worked but it just looked impractical. But I did get jeans! lol I was down to 2 pairs. So I know y'all love hearing about that but hey, I'm excited. We are getting some more chickens on Monday. : / O boy! I'm SO happy : ( ! I really don't want anymore...I'm sick of chickens. Speaking of which, I g2g take care of the animals. Oh, and that's a picture of my little buddy from an aquarium in Maine (photo courtesy of Me!) Take care!

01 April 2006


I can't believe we are moving to eastern time! That so stinks! I really REALLY don't want to change! (If anyone hasn't realized that yet : p) Anyway, I'm so tired and got to go take care of my horse. ---------------- ^
See ya!