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12 April 2006

Anyone want to join me being annoyed :-P

Gosh, I'm need help! lol I keep randomly going into Tenor cleft when I am supposed to be in Bass cleft!! I was playing a duet with the c-d that I'm working on for my recital and kept wondering why I always sounded way off at this one part...well, that was why. Why do I do that? I don't like Tenor cleft. I did it at Orchestra too. Just switched clefts with-out meaning (wanting) to. See? This is what happens when you have to learn more than one cleft... lol . It's sooo nice outside and I've been inside all day. But I have all my homework done for tomorrow so I don't know why I'm not out there...These walls are closing in on me...The room is getting smaller and smaller...AHHHHGGG!!! Forget KYSO and Cello lesson...I'm out'ta here!! Worry, I may never come back inside!!!!!! :-P

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