trying something new?

05 April 2006

are you really interested in reading this?

I was in the garage Sat. , and leaning against the dolly (is that how you'ld spell it?) I fell forward, my arms and feet underneath. My wrists landed on the tractor weel pretty much full weight. My entire body was so sore. lol, @ Orchestra (yes, I still refuse to call it Creasendo! don't ask why) after playing that Handle or whatever the no fun piece is, my arms hurt so bad. As I was rubbing them, Jason kinda gave me the,"What is wrong with you," look and pretty much said the same thing. After I told him he became more sympathetic and where-by I have nothing else to say...
(except, sympathetic is fun to say, try it a couple of times...
out loud is best : P)

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