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14 April 2006

(If you can think of a good title for randomness...put it here________)

*sigh* It's about to rain...So I guess that means I won't be riding Liza...or running...or riding my bike down to Mrs. P's...I'll be doing homework :-/ . But I think I'm finally understanding Latin :-). I'm trying to talk Ethan into watching Elizabethtown...:-/. I got an e-mail from Interlochen! :-) I didn't get financial aid :-/. I don't know why I'm on-line right now...:-? I don't have anything to say...except, check out Zeus, Gibbs, Portia, and Oinks (the latter being named in honor of the best ice cream place in Michigan!) at the bottom of my blog. And, if you want to laugh hysterically till your little brother comes in and tickles you and that doesn't even make any difference, go to Amy's blog and read everything! She is so funny!!!! :-P

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