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17 April 2006

I'm learning to drive... never mind, I didn't say that! (didn't want to scare you away...yet)

Yes, the title does not lie... I started driving a bit today! On the way home from orchestra, when we got off of 31, dad slowed down looked at me and said, "You want to drive?". So, I drove from 31 to our house!!!! :-D I hate our driveway :-P !! It has two ditches on each side of it. I'll post a photo later...not that anyone's really interested but anyway. That's it 'cause I have homework for tomorrow. See y'all :-P


Sketch'N'Skittles said...

How was it??? Were you scared??? I was the first time I drove, LOL...

A.L. said...

I am interested! Did I ever tell you that one of the first times I drove, I reached for a potato chip and landed in the ditch? Another time I was looking at a cute guy and drove over some lady's pansies!

meggo said...

wow! i wish my dad would ask me if i wanted to try to drive. i think hes scared i might run over something...or someone. but you know i wouldn't do that! hehe!
well g2g!

leah buns ;-) said...

hey AL! LOL :-P that Lady must've been heart-broken!!!
:-D Ang- Sorta, but not once I started driving, I was ok.:-P
Meggo :-) I have, with-out a doubt, 100% sure, positively, absolutely, contraquarly, You will be a fabo driver! :-D We will be getting our drivers license at the same time! YAHHH!!!
Later all me happy to homework land! :-P

leah buns ;-) said...

Oh yeah Meg-
I meant to put on my comment that you'd be a great your "dream car" if car is the right word :-P