trying something new?

04 April 2006


Well, I haven't revolted against DST (yet). But I heard of someone who did today. : ) I was at the dentest and the hygenist (sp?) who was cleaning my teeth said her sons had revolted lol. They wouldn't change their clocks! I went shopping too. I was looking for a dress for my recital but no luck except finding a million prom dresses! lol One of them would have almost worked but it just looked impractical. But I did get jeans! lol I was down to 2 pairs. So I know y'all love hearing about that but hey, I'm excited. We are getting some more chickens on Monday. : / O boy! I'm SO happy : ( ! I really don't want anymore...I'm sick of chickens. Speaking of which, I g2g take care of the animals. Oh, and that's a picture of my little buddy from an aquarium in Maine (photo courtesy of Me!) Take care!


Addie Fisher said...

Hey Leah,
Cute blog! I like the way you re-did it. I hope you have luck in finding a recital dress!

leah buns ;-) said...

Thanks! I like it better too...And I can do links now :O That part wasn't fun, trying to get my links to work lol. But I did...I think. See ya!