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06 April 2006

(Whoa Baby)

I can never think of a title so there's anyway, I had a totally awesome cello lesson last night! My teacher says I'm so perfect @ what I yeah right! I don't know if he's ever had more to say on my playing than last night...I was terrible. ok, on to the un-interesting stuff now, (yes, the last thought was the interesting one :-P) I was accepted at Interlochen. Not the division I wanted, it was full. But I made the Intermediate division. (yah! I get to wear red socks) I'm not sure if I got any scholarship money though. Which will depend if I go there or IU as IU is only $500 and Interlochen is $3000 and something! That's about interesting stories like the heroine James...(I love her blog! :-P)

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