trying something new?

11 April 2006


Whoa, that was totally random...anyway, I just got in from running and lifting weighs. Ahh, feels good after not doing it for a while. I just watched 'Hitch'. It was pretty funny. I have all my homework done for Thursday so tomorrow I can start to catch up on Latin. Yahhh! :-! I want to be good at it...but I'm not. :-/ Tomorrow I'll be at KYSO rehearsal. Then cello lesson. well, I'm so tired and it's 9:30! weird...I'm never tired at night...oh yeah, if you want to be jealous of my friend ben's 'true musician' shoes go to k, read the entire book of James for devotions's my favorite scripture...almost :-P k, everybody, I know it's hard but keep out of trouble...that includes braking windows by blasting The White Stripes or Coldplay too loud. Blare it out, (is that the 'right' kind of blare?) , just don't brake your parents windshields in the process. :-P

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