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31 May 2006

I would have posted yesterday, but was in to much shock to do so...:-)

yesterday, my day revolved around conversations with Ethan containing:

  1. Cannibalistic Santa Clauses
  2. Watermelon Mustaches
  3. Swelling Hands
  4. How Santa Clause can deliver presents to all the children all over the world. (We have a break through [don't know how we got on the subject of S.C. though] )

See why I was in too much shock to post? Me too/neither...

17 May 2006

Adrenaline-Charged Exploits

I know that's the title of my last post..but I liked it so...yeah. :-) Besides, it sounds really cool as now...I have none. (Adrenaline-Charged Exploits)

I haven't posted for awhile because I really REAlly REALLY loved seeing the cute StarWars Dude everytime I came to my blog. I was going to put him up here, but I'm not on the other computer so....anyway. I'll to get on that one next time so I can put him back up...

I just had my audition for The New World Youth Syphony Orchestra. It went super well. They seemed very please. So, that's good. Sunday evening is my recital. I'm doing a super hard piece. So please pray for me. It's kinda silly prayer request but I guess a lot of my requests sound silly anyway in the scope of things :-) I also need prayer because right now I'm so disfunctioned (spelling?) I couldn't spell "sense" a few min. ago. I had to go to the dictionary and then I couldn't find it cause I kept trying to spell it like this-----> sence...scence....jubogamoge....<-----don't ask why. :-)

Tomorrow, my little bro is going to audition for the Philharmonic Orchestra. He just decided after watching me do it so please pray for him too. His recital is tomorrow and he is so confident. I could use some of his confidence. lol anyway. I've done enough damage for one post to the internet and to people's minds.
Au revoir.....

14 May 2006

Adrenaline-Charged Exploits (it's true...)

Leah, your best adventures are Adrenaline-Charged Exploits

Skydiving? No problem. Downhill skiing? Piece of cake. Scuba diving? Bring it on! You live for the thrill and that means your kind of adventure involves pushing the limits. A fearless daredevil like you needs to be where the action is, whether it's 10,000 feet up, 100 feet below, or somewhere in between.Your need for speed keeps you charged up and ready for anything. While the words "bungee jump" can turn others pale, you've never met a challenge you weren't ready to take head-on. So what are you waiting for? Grab your parachute and get out there!

What are they talking about!!!!???!!!!!!???!!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!? That is sooooo not me!! I must not know meself well enough to fill out a quiz about me!!! :-)
(pictures provided by your's truly)

06 May 2006

o, de-lally, o-de-lally, golly what'da day!!!!

Golly, (that's fun to say...Golly. Golly, golly, golly, golly, GOLLY!! Ha, ready yet to leave my blog and never return? No...? ok, cool.

Today was a very full, fun, tiring, head-aching, leg aching, tongue moving day. I got up promptly at 5:05 a/m and turned OFF me alarm. Then ,getting up an hour later I got ready, did chores, and left WITHOUT BREAKFAST at 8:00 a.m. Then I sat at IUK doing homework, (ha, I have Apologetics, most of Latin, and some English done people! AND I've started Church History..aren't I amazing? Thank you....) , sitting by my cello and backpack, wearing my concert dress, and smelling the people on the other side of the glass who were smoking. (ewwww). After enduring many peoples strange looks and smiles placed upon meself and me celli with all me little trinkets about meself, I finally decided to stop embarrassing meself and head over to Havens Auditorium. Where I proceeded to wait for my ride, Jason. While waiting and reading an introduction to Hamlet and watching for the green GMC surburrban I was SUPPOSED to be looking for, I failed to see it arrive and the occupant not seeing me (as I foolishly was hiding behind a tree without knowing it) glanced out his window several times whilst meself, looking in that direction was able to flag him down with my very white face and arms. Thus way, I was headed off to the United Grace Methodist Church for the lovely and uneventful dress rehearsal of the day. Afterwards, Jason and I (listen to the lovely rhythm of my perfect grammar!) practiced our duet fot our recital. interestingly. An awesome violinist I know, walked in and stood behind Jason looking over his shoulder at the music I saw him come in but didn't say anything. Mr. awesome violinist sat down in a very orange chair and waited until I promptly messed up and confused everyone and thing! Then he began coaching us without any introduction or anything. It was funny! But, he did have some very good suggestions. Anyway, we finally got to go eat downstairs as they were cleaning up lunch and everyone was gone to get back the the other dress rehearsal. But we managed to tackle the 'food lady' and held her captive till she gave up the location of: *in a very wispery and dramatic voice* the secret treasure (i.e. food [what does i.e. stand for anyway?] ) . We ate while 3 adult stood in a corner talking and all around having fun making echos. Whilst me colleague and I ate, talked, laughed, and planned *~evil schemes~*. Then, going upstairs, we tuned, warmed up, got concert clothes, and Jason went to get his students collected. I ran through my ENTIRE recital piece almost without stopping! YAH!! I think I can pull it off! And that was with the ummm, un-fantastic loaner bow. My "lovely" bow is in the repair shop. Not that it is any better, but at least I know how to use it ad get the best sound quality from THAT bow rather than THIS bow which I didn't use until today, at the concert. YIPEE! Then after concert was all over packed up, got invited by Jason to come to a comedy thing at Eastern but had to decline because me mom and me (listen to that un-beautiful and un rhythmical rhythm) had to go grocery shopping and she had to go home and take a final 'cause IUK's power went out this morning, (didst I forget to mention the most exciting part of the day? wow, it was crazy! people running everywhere saying, "Move them to this room!" "No, the computers are down in there too!" "How 'bout here?" "Move them to the Main Building!" "Move them back to the regular class room." "Move them to Mexico!" ok, I made the last one up. But I'm serious, they moved probably 5 times. ) . Sost, we went shopping, and came home, and I cleaned the bathroom. It was fun-erific! I want to go here next year, it's awesome. Played a bit of Nintendo with me little-ist bro. Now, that y'all have had a reality time account of my day...I'm going to get a cup 'o tea and go to my room....'Night all...

05 May 2006

"When johnny comes marchin' home again hurrah, hurrah,..."


Ha, now all ye lovely orchestra members must practice extra hard and carefully! He will missed
Bonnaroo. It's a 4 day music festival with I don't know how many bands. You make up a schedule and just go from one concert to another and practically live there. But I think he's gonna miss it. He only has 2 weeks leave. I want to go, but I don't.
  1. reason 1, They didn't have really any bands I was interested in seeing there.
  2. reason 2, It's supposed to be kinda wild and crazy there 'cause people are totally obsessed with music and are insane if they go there. (so yeah, that adds Luke to that list)
  3. reason 3, I probably wouldn't be here at the time of it anyway.

So, anyway, I couldn't think of anything to post about except Luke. I have some funny pics. and a video of Ethan to put on once I get to a computer that can a UP-load (that was just for you Jamey) pictures. He's... .... ...being Ethan on/in them/it. Well, Ethan is calling me for about the 231st time so I guess I better go. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...