trying something new?

25 August 2006


curvey up one---------------v

For those who had some problems understanding me weird and un organized talk here are pictures of the watermelon mustaches.
curvey down one----------v

And the cannibalistic Santa Clauses was...I don't know how we got on that but with Ethan you never can tell so...but basically Santa being a cannibal. Interesting idea atleast.

And these are pretty much the most modest cannibals you'll find on the internet. Also the cutest. The others were, well, um, a sight to un-behold and very un-cute and um, yeah...*shudder*


Sketch'N'Skittles said...

cute cannibals!!!

theCaptain said...

hiya oh bun o' mine. I LOVE YOU MORE! Ethan is a cute little bloke (said with a highly scottish accent, of course). "Can we have a drink over the phone?"

theCaptain said...

I still love you, even though you haven't posted in forever.

"... a sun TWO enormous to mention..."

theCaptain said...

post again, I LOVE YOU

"take time to dance with one hang waving free in the air"