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25 August 2006

Warning for the day:

(you're lucky I put this picture on instead of another one I could have of a really HUGE guy with hardly any clothes to speak of on, sitting in a non-yoga-ish pose...)

Take my advice. Doing Yoga at 6:30 a.m. where you're supposed to be relaxing and just breathing isn't very relaxing when a 110 lbs. Golden Retriever is breathing in your face!!!!!

Ewwwww, so pretty much, don't have Moses sleep in your room if you're planning to do Yoga in the morning. Atleast in my room which is kinda small.

You can't see from this picture....but he's HUGE!!!! (I couldn't find one of Moses where you can see his front end and I'm too lazy to go get one....) And my room isn't so small but when you have a bed and a chair and a dresser, the room is gone. :-P


leah buns ;-) said...

See Mrs. Jones? I created a post out of stinky dog breath and my morning Yoga :-P I promise I didn't sit in three of your classes and learn nothing! :-( I miss you guys!

Shiloh said...

You go, girl!