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12 October 2006

Pride and Prejudice and other lovely random titles

I LOVE Pride and Prejudice! I mean I LOVE Pride and Prejudice. Like, love it enough to read it about 38 hundred times a year (I was going to say 38.4 hundred times a year but, I NEVER leave that 4/10ths of the way finished so...). Like enough to have watched the ::awful (which has no "awe" in awesome...full of awe...yeah):: 1986 version with Elizabeth Garvie and David Rintoul where the actors are not playing the parts AT ALL!!!! AGG!!! It was so annoying! Like, enough to watch the ::sigh:: wonderful 1996 version with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. Like, enough to watch the 2005 version with Keria Knightly and Matthew Macfadyen! And what struck me, is how much I thought of me and me sister this time. Emily, me elder sister whom I love, and me talk about everything. ( not that I mean to say we are the two perfect older sisters Lizzie and Jane :-P Well, perhaps Emily actually now that I think of it) Emily is soooo much like Jane. VERY sensible, hardly exposes her 'true feelings'...She does, but you would never know that she has a headache or some one has really ticked her off...everyone loves to be with her, she's beautiful, she married a very easy going man, has the elder responsibilities...yeah, on and on.
Another thing it made me think of, was getting married 'cause that's kinda the story line. And then me wonderful and awesome brother-in-law ties into this. Emily married Brad 3 years ago this past August. When she first married him, yes, I loved Brad. He was fun to be around, always makes me laugh, a great Christian guy, loved Emily like crazy...yeah more I could keep saying here too. What can I say? He's just too marvelous a dude! And then, last week, he came up without Emi to play soccer with Ethan and Me. He came just to hang out and be our big brother. And I hadn't realized till then, how much I love and respect Brad and how much he means to me and how much he cares about me family and Emily. It made me realize that when he married Em, he loves her so much, but he cares about us too. And that's such a nice feeling!
What REALLY gets me is how much I smile through the movie...I love it so much, I enjoy it by meself! INfact, I shall admit, embarrassing as it is, I laugh and cry and smile and talk aloud during that movie! I've said at the end of movie #3 and 4 (for 'tis the best ones!) ,"No! NOOOO!!!!! Elizabeth! Mr. Darcy! AGGGGGGGG!!!" and "Elizabeth! don't you dare say what I know you're going to say!" et cetera et cetera (Just for you Mrs. Jones! Oh, and I didn't do too badly! <---see?) Well, I must go and leave off me random and pointless and misspelled, missgrammerd thoughts. I congragulate you if you read every single word and loved me through the end! Let me shake your hand, ::SHAKE::SHAKE::, clap you on the back, ::CLAP::CLAP::, and tell you a secret...::YOUR MARVELOUS!!!!!!:: *screamed in your ear* so, now you are to deaf to hear to I'd better go. Tons of homework.