trying something new?

11 December 2006

why me?

Remember the Milk
which reminds me of
Remember the Maine
which I can't remember what THAT reminds me of
which is very aggrivating
which is making this pointless
which makes me come to the conclusion of
I shall stop wastething your alls time


Mel & Abby said...

ok....i got every word that you just said...(not really:)
you are too funny, Leah!
you did a quite a fine job on your speech today! i hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a great time with your brother! that's nice that he got to come home for Christmas.

Mel & Abby said...

that was melanie(again forgetting to sign her name:)

leah buns ;-) said...

Thanks Mel! I hope you have a marvelous Christmas too! I know, I'm so grateful to God that he is out of Iraq!!!! Can't wait to see ya again! You are so awesome!
Love ya!