trying something new?

28 January 2007

a real post perhaps?

Ha! by Leah? Indeed not.

However a few non life changing items are:
-Leah is awake {which more than she could have said 3 hrs. ago}
-Leah is trying hard to decide how to write a speech about the significance of the virgin birth and not succeeding...drat. 'Tis a too good (two double 'o's in a row..."There's a double meaning in that...") a subject to not do a good job on.
-Leah is very soonish having to go to bed and is not tired after her 2 hr nap...double drat.
-Leah is very excited to have finished 2nd Chronicles yesterday which she feels to be a great accomplishment!
-Leah is head-achishmenting {but she trying not to whine 'boust it! I think she shall prevail! :oP}
-Leah is deciding this is quite pointless and un-interesting and shan't kill a bit more Time because as we learned in Though the Looking Glass that you can't kill Time or the Queen will have thine head!

I'm thinking some tea, Bible reading, and Jack Johnson are in order for Leah tonight...


(O yes, in the photograph, 'tis she at a football [I sincerely hopest you know what I mean!] game when she should be looking ardently at her Algebra, she is staring quite intently at the grand mad play that 'twas made by the opposing team and probably speaking her mind to her younger sibling telling him what play to make next...drat again.)

23 January 2007


The Poor And Destitute Arugula!!!!
Is There Anything In The World Superior To Thee?
I Shalt See That Thy Name is Proclaimed To All.
May You Live Long As A Denizen Of Greatness (As Phil Once Said, [In .222 Seconds] "TWO Arugulas Are Company.")
Bill Gates Shall Praise Thy Beauty O Arugula.

Wriggle In Thy Joy.
For So Thou Art.

02 January 2007


Your Bumper Sticker Should Be

What if the hokey pokey really is what it's all about?

Your Famous Last Words Will Be:

"So, you're a cannibal."
Think maybe I was getting so tired of Biology I couldn't stand it?