trying something new?

28 January 2007

a real post perhaps?

Ha! by Leah? Indeed not.

However a few non life changing items are:
-Leah is awake {which more than she could have said 3 hrs. ago}
-Leah is trying hard to decide how to write a speech about the significance of the virgin birth and not succeeding...drat. 'Tis a too good (two double 'o's in a row..."There's a double meaning in that...") a subject to not do a good job on.
-Leah is very soonish having to go to bed and is not tired after her 2 hr nap...double drat.
-Leah is very excited to have finished 2nd Chronicles yesterday which she feels to be a great accomplishment!
-Leah is head-achishmenting {but she trying not to whine 'boust it! I think she shall prevail! :oP}
-Leah is deciding this is quite pointless and un-interesting and shan't kill a bit more Time because as we learned in Though the Looking Glass that you can't kill Time or the Queen will have thine head!

I'm thinking some tea, Bible reading, and Jack Johnson are in order for Leah tonight...


(O yes, in the photograph, 'tis she at a football [I sincerely hopest you know what I mean!] game when she should be looking ardently at her Algebra, she is staring quite intently at the grand mad play that 'twas made by the opposing team and probably speaking her mind to her younger sibling telling him what play to make next...drat again.)


leah buns ;-) said...

Leah also just has realized she has a geat deal of the number '2' in her post which makes up for the other non bunnish stuff...Who hoo!

Rya said...

Hey Leah!!

I am sure that your specch turned out quite well!!

esp. with your brain!!! :-)

I LOVE you!!!!


Mel & Abby said...

Hey Leah!
Yes, I agree with Moriah, I'm sure your speech will be lovely!
Especially since you are quite the scholar!:D
Love ya honey buns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charity said...

That was a beautimus post, Leah! I enjoyed getting a peek at your life. :)

The picture is quite a classic, I must say! Though I must continue and say that I don't particularly like football (yes, I know what you mean--as in, NOT soccer! hehe). Maybe it's just because I have never taken the time to try to understand it. Though I've had fun learning "Aussie Rules Footy" whilst being here in Oz. (it is SUCH a different game than American "grid-iron"--as the Aussians call it!) I will have to teach everyone upon my next visit.

melanie said...

"There's a double meaning in that.." hahaha!! I *LOVE* it!!
yes, you will prevail on your speech dear--I am sure it will be quite fantastic!!
football as in soccer, perhaps?
Love you lots!!!!

mel said...

oh, not soccer.....drat I was so confused......oh well...i just don't get these things...

leah buns ;-) said...

Rya- I wouldn't count on it! And my brain is not that great! :oP I love you too my mad bun!

Abby- Thanks! But, quite the scholar? Dear me... Love you too you beanie bun you!!! :o)

Charity- You have word skillz girl...gosh, I wish I had a skill...:oP It's a classic? How cool! I LOVE classic! You are most defiantly going to have to teach me Aussie Rules Footy! I insist :o). Love ya!

Mel- "Against my will, I am sent to bid you, come into dinner..." :oP I love that movie...:sigh: I prevailed and my speech is done (obviously by this time :oP ) but I'm not sure about the fantastic part...:o/ And yes, football as in soccer. You do get them Mel my bean, you do! Love you lots more-er!!!

theCaptain said...

this quote made me laugh for the first freakin time today!

'Tis a too good (two double 'o's in a row..."There's a double meaning in that...")


take pride.

Tamara Rose said...

hiya cutie!

:) you're like really cute/beautiful! I'd love to meet you someday! You seem really really nice and it'd be good to talk to you sometime- i should chat on Gmail.

well take care missy Leah.
Tamara Rose
Charity lil's sis.

Abigail said...

Hey Leah buns!!!!!!!!!!
You need to posteth sometime soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
See ya Tuesday!Love ya!

leah buns ;-) said...

Dudes! You guys need to start being bluntly honest with me! You way too nice/sweet people whom I love!

Amy- YOU MADE ME LAUGH!!! I get the award? I very seriously take great pride in that. I'm quite honored. Dude! I love you! You need to come up soon! Like, super soon. But when that would be when we aren't crazily busy is probably a insanely long time from now. But we shall, we shall.

Tamara- Aww! You are way too sweet now! But thank you! ;o) That's very nice of you! Super nice of you. Dude, that was a freakin' complement!!! (!) Whoa.

Abby- I'm going to try tonight. But it may not get published soon. It will most likely remain a draft for eternity! Mwhahaha! Besides, really, who _wants_ to read these anyway? Or see really bad pictures...Love you too! See ya Tuesday!

dudes and duedettes, I wouldn't read my blog! You guys are weirdos! But I love you all anyway! :o)

Anonymous said...

hey leah buns
how are you?
i am good
love ya!!!!