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23 January 2007


The Poor And Destitute Arugula!!!!
Is There Anything In The World Superior To Thee?
I Shalt See That Thy Name is Proclaimed To All.
May You Live Long As A Denizen Of Greatness (As Phil Once Said, [In .222 Seconds] "TWO Arugulas Are Company.")
Bill Gates Shall Praise Thy Beauty O Arugula.

Wriggle In Thy Joy.
For So Thou Art.


Shiloh said...

Your post title is UtterSveetNess. It reminds me of something I read in "The Secret Lion."

leah buns ;-) said...

really? O, how they would run words together?
cool beans...
I 'twas in a most joyodious state at seeing you today :-)

Charity said...

juust thought I'd return the lovely invasion! :o)

leah buns ;-) said...

I must say, 'tis the loveliest invasion I've had! :o)

Anonymous said...

looks like good stuff