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23 April 2007

I Rather Dislike Walmart...

Unless It Happens To Be Inhabited By Some Rather Grand People! :oD

Don't you love it when you go to someones blog and they posted this grand post about something that is truly funny or sad or interesting or at least informative? By the time you get to the end, you have made up your mind on the subject and decide, "Yes, I'm glad they brought that up and discussed it." Or, "I'm so glad they told me how that went,/how they are/what's going on." Don't you enjoy going to friend's and family's and, and, hmmm, fiance's (! it's all I could think of :o) !) blogs and reading about their interesting thoughts. And then you think back on it for the days to come about that funny, profound, cute, or sad idea that that post was about. Or at least if it had a point to it.

Yeah, me too.