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23 April 2007

I Rather Dislike Walmart...

Unless It Happens To Be Inhabited By Some Rather Grand People! :oD

Don't you love it when you go to someones blog and they posted this grand post about something that is truly funny or sad or interesting or at least informative? By the time you get to the end, you have made up your mind on the subject and decide, "Yes, I'm glad they brought that up and discussed it." Or, "I'm so glad they told me how that went,/how they are/what's going on." Don't you enjoy going to friend's and family's and, and, hmmm, fiance's (! it's all I could think of :o) !) blogs and reading about their interesting thoughts. And then you think back on it for the days to come about that funny, profound, cute, or sad idea that that post was about. Or at least if it had a point to it.

Yeah, me too.


Charity said...

I love the new layout and the new song and the new post! :-D

You're pretty grand, my friend.

Are you going to Wal-Mart with us on June 14?? I will make someone come drive and get you, okay? Okay. Okay!

I love your preciously "pointless" posts. :o) Honestly.

And I will hopefully talk to you tomorrow! xoxo

Tamara Rose said...

I have dry eyes. I'm so alergic (sp :-?) to the Lumleys house.

I'm tired, tired, tired. *yawn*
Sorry for all that ramboling i sent you. Thank God you didn't get the extra 18 min. LOL Oh dear, what shall i do with myself Leah.

Well my dear girl, i pray you are well. Love the pic, love the blog, love the post, love you!

lil' bun

Mariaj said...

I got on to comment and saw that my other sisters have both commented, but I can't not comment, but don't worry, thats not the only reason.

I miss Wal-mart, Why do you dislike it so?

I can't wait to meet you, Charity and Tamara have been telling me a lot about you, and you sound like a very grand person, and I hope we can be friends. Thanks so much for the message, and I don't think it was weird. :)

I love post like you described. I enjoy blog hopping just to see whats happening in peoples lives. I don't do it very much, but it is post like those that are the best. I love going away from having read something and having something to think about. I love posts that mean a lot.

Well, I hope we can talk some time soon.

Mariaj said...

p.s. I love the song!

Abigail said...

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are sooo awesome!
You always think of the best posts..I hardly ever post..sadly:)Yep bloging is very cool though!!:)
See you tomorrow!!!!!YES!!!dude!!
Ok..I am going now:)


Abigail said...

I agree with Charity...the new layout looks great!!

Abigail said...

mwahahahahaha!! Leah don't forget to raugh landomly!!:)Tuesday was great!! So fun!!!
Umm, Leah do you like cheese?!! I love that movie!!
Ok..I am leaving now..See you soon!!!!!!!! Mwhahahahahhaah!!lol:)

Mel & Abby said...


just thought i'd let ya know:)

I love you Leah!


Charity said...

I love how you're updating your blog without putting any new posts on. ;) I love the picture. And the verse(s -- I'm a little rusty on my Greek. Greek?). And the piano piece. Soo beautiful. I wish I could play like that. Amazingness.

I miss you. Hope you're having a good week, dear.

Charity said...

[opening this in a new window so I can continue listening to the music because it is magical.]


Abigail said...

Hey Leah!!
You should post sometime!! I need to know you are alive! I hope you had a great birthday and that your strings concert went well!
I LOVE your profile picture!That was such a fun random! I think that was the same day we did that awesome circular bomb pic.:D Fun times!It was great seeing you at the SCA banquet!
I love ya!

me, myself, and I said...

Dear Char Char-
Thanks you, thanks you, and thank you!!! :) You are pretty grand yourself. I hope to come to Wal-Mart on the 14th. But I'm not entirely sure how I will get there if I can...I'll try though ;) Thank you again! :) I kinda rather like updated without
Miss you! xoxoxo Love you! See you soon! :D
<3 Leah Buns

Tamara Babe! You are pretty much adorable! Your comment was foever ago so I hope you are more rested and less allergic now ;) I love and miss you honey! See you soon! Thanks for all your darling comments, messages, voicemails, letters and YOU!
<3 Lil’ Leah Beth

Maria! I cannot wait to meet you! I have heard lots about you and YOU sound like a grand person. But Lord willing that day shall be soon. ;) Bet you are all VERY excited at this point. I don't dislike Wal-Mart tons. Just don't love it lots. I'm a Meijer kinda person ;) Well, hopefully I'll see you soon! Thanks for commenting and not thinking my message was weird. lol
<3 Leah

Abby you Crazy Bean- I am alive ;) Thanks for liking everything! lol Birthday was grand, strings went well, I DO love that movie, Cheese IS pretty awesome, I've been raughing landomly, and yes that was the same day as our circle bomb picture. I kinda went on a picture taking craze. Yep. Love you too! Miss you lots girl! We all should get together and have a picnic with soccer and CHEESE!!!!!

Melanie my love- I love our cheese picture too. ;) And I LOVE YOU!!!! :D *HUGS* *HUGS* and *MORE HUGS*

me, myself, and I said...

whoa, that was long lol