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12 September 2007


I finally decided it's time to return to a random , unimportant, yet large-chunk-of-life , green, un-used q-tip, giant lollipop post.

So, here it is.

I've decided I MUST tell all you grand and glorious beans out there about George. George came into existence a few months ago, just a few weeks after I started my job at McClure's Orchard. I had decided one Saturday that all those fellow Saturday work dudes had probably come to the point of being ready for some true Leah-ishness to finally be thrown to them. I knew they were starving for some real, solid, true LeahNardo. So, I fed it to them. :-) And they rejected it like a 4 year old rejects peas.

We were all innocently chopping fruit for the fruit salad on that fateful morning, quite silent and meditative, like inward Yoga. I grasped my courage before it completely slipped out of reach and pushed it forward for all to see some of the real Me.

"Don't say that Josh! George is right here and he finds that highly offensive!" (some remark about grapes being an awesome thing or some sort of profoundness that he is always offering to all who wish or don't wish to hear.) My statement was followed by the funniest, blankest, grandest, and strangest look I've ever seen from anyone. "Who?" said He. "Why Josh! Don't be so rude! You're standing right next to him!" Josh gives Robin (the older, more mature, and cooler of all of us) the "Did-she-just-say-what-i-think-she-said-'cause-I-think-she's-insane!" look. Robin looks at me just as oddly while Caitlin flat out says, "Whoa, you really are crazy."

Then all break into "who is George?" "where is he?" "what is he?" and from Caitlin (of course) "is he cute?" (oh boy...) After which I told them all that they could just ask/see/look at him because he's right by Josh holding that pear...

The facts of George:
  • He is 1 year and 3 months older than me
  • He isn't home schooled
  • He had just moved to Texas
  • He has one older sister who is a music major in college named Kate
  • His parents names are Tim and Paula McCoy
  • He plays the guitar quite marvellously
  • He likes snorkeling, water buffalo hunting, and sky diving

And that's about all I could think of on the fly. Since then, to all who don't know about George, Josh just HAS to pipe up,"Oh, yeah, and she has an imaginary friend. A REAL imaginary friend. His name is George. Isn't that weird?" Josh also told me on Saturday that with all that work there at the orchard, from the very beginning he's felt like he's known them forever and was completely comfortable around them...except me. I kinda have a feeling it might be George's fault. :-P


ben jones said...

hi george.

Charity said...

Okay, this made me LAUGH! Wow. I want to work with you.

We call these moments

Like you, cupicake. ;)

Wow, while I try my best to be as invisible as possible amongst the people I encounter, incredible! George. Amazing.

p.s. UNUSED Q-TIPS!!!!!!!

Mel & Abby said...

I love you Leah!!!
See you Tuesday!!!!


me, myself, and I said...

Benjamin, George says hi in return..."I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." know this line? ;-)

Charity, I'm glad it made you laugh, it's totally and completely true history. But, you most certainly don't want to work with me...I'm utterly horrid to work with! And I'm absolutely not incredible! I'm so incredulously (sp? [is it even a word???] stupid. UNUSED Q-TIPS!!!!

Abby Honey, I must say, I'm rather attached to you aswell...aka, I LOVE YOU!!!!!! :-D CHEESE!!!!! (do you like it?)