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08 October 2007

beef jerky isn't sufficient

(but rather grand! :-o) )

  • listening to the soundtrack "Finding Neverland" (man, I like this, charming...)
  • trying to decide whether to bring out the greek Bible to begin my assignment due tomorrow morning or to un-choppify my english paragraph...
  • slight bit hungry. in that contentedly slight bit hungry way.
  • completely engulfed in God's most AMAZING grace. it is sufficient. it's all I need to make it today. the mt. dew, beef jerky, skittles, really good book, sunshine that's calling my name, great's all perfectly grand, but His Grace is GRANDLY PERFECT (I've thought about it, there is a difference ;-o) ).

My mom has really been promoting the idea of God's Grace is completely sufficient to me these last few weeks while I've been in quite a tizzy over it all and my usually able to handle stress and get it all done hasn't been handling it (hmm, wonder why...). Then, the last day or two, I began thinking about a few months ago when my brain had rather overcome the idea that I could let it all go and give to God. All would be well. All is well. I had lost that trust. For a month, I had been trusting in God and feeling so much more at peace about everything. Lately, I've been busy rushing around, not asking God for His Mercy for my problems, not trusting in Him...the thought didn't even cross my mind that perhaps I needed to step back and evaluate what my heart was doing. But it has now. :-o)

His Grace is Sufficient.


Charity said...

Amen. So it is, and so it shall be. "[His mercies] are new every morning." (Lamentations 3, I think) What a promise!

And beef jerky is pretty great, too. Obviously no comparison, though. ;)

Why is it that we always have to spend a large amount of time PLANNING to talk before we actually do??? *sigh* The life of a highschooler. We think we've got it bad...I can't even imagine being a real adult.

So much to say...this is turning into an email. I'm going to go practice piano and then get some much-needed school accomplished. Hopefully.

Love you. Don't forget. But most importantly, don't forget what you've just reminded me of: His perfect grace.

Thing 1 said...

ahh, Charity! I'm always so happy to see when you've left a comment...::sigh:: It reminds me of our fist "invasions" of each other...remember? ;-)

His mercies are new every Isn't that the most perfect thing ever? wow.

I know, I am constatly scared of the thought of being an adult..well, mybe not scared, but, hmmm, thoughtful about it. I'm trying to handle it the best I can NOW...what am I going to do THEN? But God is good. His grace is perfect. All is well. ::conented sigh::

This is turning into an email on my side's too easy to do that when I write back to you. ;-)

I love you too. Very, very much my Cuppicake! :-) Talk to you most soonishly!