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06 October 2007

Follow the Fish

I've been so moody this week. It's been positively horrid! I'm heartily ashamed, though I don't believe anyone had to deal with it except me...I hope. Yet, in the midst of this extreme immatureness, cool revelations happened in the "what i recently found that's really cool to me" category.

Feeling the vibrations of music in your pillow is absolutely grand. Really and truly.

Quite terribly upset and tired, I crept to my room after work on Wednesday, turned on my cd player to try to finish these pretty cool Benjamin Britten Cello Suites my teacher wanted me to listen to with the volume all the way up (don't worry, I was quite alone in the house, no one was bothered ;-P ) , crawled into my "made-hastily-this-morning-bed" and pulled the covers over my brain and it's case. It's quite interesting how much of a difference there is in whether or not the the covers are over your head...

At first, I couldn't tell whether I was feeling the vibrations of the cello humming it's Oh-So-Cool contemporary melody in my pillow, or if it was just the pounding of my heart in my ears in a duet with my gasping breath (it's a bit stifling after running around to crawl under a blanket and try to breathe...). Trying to find out, I held my breath. But that just made it worse as my head pounded even more with my heart and lungs protesting at this lack of oxygen and then my ragged gasps for another breath to hold last my breathing quieted enough to tell that yes, I was feeling the cello in my pillow! I haven't a clue why, but it intrigued me for quite sometime.

I honestly don't know why I'm typing this all out. I sat down tonight to write some incredulously uninspiring musings I've come across this week, (which I guess this fits) but this is what came to my my mind and fingers.

So please forgive my stupidity this week. Next week will be better...when perhaps I'll be able to think. ;-)


Charity said...

your musings.
Keep posting, okay? Please?
I miss you. We should talk. Soon.
I love you.

me, myself, and I said...

I'm glad someone can get something out of it ;-)
I'll post whenever my brain can think enough to type and mention a thought at the same time.
I miss you more. We should talk. Sooner than soon.
"I'm here. Talk to me."
I love you.