trying something new?

20 October 2007

"You are going to have some new clothes"...

...said my fortune cookie

"..." said I.


ben said...

nooo kidding, leah kimm, no kidding.

mel said...

i like that. that is a nice fortune cookie:o)

Charity said...


you're cute.


Mel & Abby said...

I love you Leah!
Hehe...I think I need one of those fortune cookies:)
See you Tuesday!!

me, myself, and I said...

no ben. as much as this may surprise you, i'm not kidding ;-) shocker, huh?

mel- yeah, i rather like that fortune cookie too..ha ha. want to go fulfill it with me? :-P

thanks Char, but that was most definitely not from my own pure brain. unlike your posts ;-)

abby my bean, i love you too. we are pretty much great friends. i adore our little special heartness. see you tuesday honey ;-)

# 47 said...

I wuv you no matter what your cloths. You're not just my friend, but my fwend. To me, that's speciawww.

me, myself, and I said...

awwww, i feew gweatwy wuved. :-) i am yuw fwend. thank yuw Cabby!!!!

Anonymous said...


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