trying something new?

05 November 2007

Chuan Yun Li plays SUPER MARIO!!!!

oh yeah...


Tamara Rose said...

haha! I love it! Reminds me of my childhood. :)

p.s. once you learn Julie-O, you should put a video of YOU playing it!!

Charity said...

oops...that was me.

Mariaj said...

Pretty much grandness. HA!

I love getting to know you as well dear!

(it looks like you got a comment from all 3 Blackwood girls, 'cept it was only two of us :) )

Charity said...

awwwwww the Blackwood girls LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

I just wanted to drop by again to tell you how much I really love being your friend. It's just...indescribible. You are so special, Leah.

Sorry for the sappiness. I can't help it. :o)

I love you more than reeses pieces. (Ask Tamara and she will tell you how very much that is!!)

me, myself, and I said...

absolutely no videos of me playing! ugh. I can't imagine anyhting more horrific on my blog....yuck. Anything else Charity, but not that! :P

I love the Blackwood girls. You are all pretty grand my dears. I hope you know that ;)