trying something new?

30 December 2007


somehow my post of mega proportions and all that got placed below my last post because I was weird and saved it as a draft. anyway, if you have a slight, strong, weird, no inclination, or that kind of the yellow ducks to go read it, be my guest.

fare ye well.


Charity said...'ve really been writing that for a long time! I am just about to read it...but I just thought I'd tell you that you can go to "post options" in editing your post and change the date and time to today. Then it will be up here instead. :)

Tamara Rose said...

i wonce had a yellow duck.. :)

I (will always) & [always do] Love {a kind that is strong and real and bassed on SomeOne who is love}
You! (my lil' Leah Beth)

Tamara Rose said...

once* ;)

A Crazed Bun said...

haha, yes indeed my dear Char-Char. actually it's been more of the sitting-in-word-without-my-touching-it-for-weeks-sort-of-writing ;) but nevertheless, it finally made it onto blogger. whoo hoo. now all the world can partake and enjoy my stupidity, sillyness, and salutations.

Tamara, that was one of the coolest comments i think i shall ever receive in my life! whoa. I like your brain ;)