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24 December 2008

some people end up with all the brains in their head and funny quotes spewing from their lips

Does everyone have trouble with their sinuses?  Because I was at, now let's see, I think it was Meijer, yeah it was Meijer, and I saw this guy with huge, I mean huge nostrils.  Seriously!  Probably close to an inch and a quarter!   And I was left there thinking, "man, this guy is alright ::gives thumbs up sign::.  He has nice big,  clear sinuses.  Why'd I end up with such small ones?"  I wished I'd had my cellphone so I could have taken a picture 'cause no one believes me!  I mean they had to be an inch and a quarter!!  
    --someone whom i'm glad to call my brother in Christ

08 December 2008

Beatboxing Flute and Cello @ Union Square

boohyeah. this is why people play instuments.

01 December 2008

The Peach and the Pear

ethan and i used to write this newsletter and send it out a couple of times a year called The Peach and the Pear. wonder why we stopped...

27 November 2008

as titles are optional

25 November 2008

At This Particular Moment In Time...

..I'm off to run. Family starts arriving tomorrow! :D

23 November 2008

When it feels like my dreams are so far:

I said, "Oh, that I had wings like a dove! I would fly away and be at rest. Behold, I would wonder far away,
I would lodge in the wilderness.
I would hasten to my place of refuge
From the stormy wind and tempest." [Psalm 55:6-8]

You have taken account my wanderings;
Put my tears in Your bottle.
Are they not in Your book? [Psalm 56:8]

Cast your burden upon the Lord and He will* sustain you; He will* never allow the righteous to be shaken...I will* trust in You. [Psalm 55:22...23]

He will redeem my soul in peace from the battle which is against me. [Psalm 55:18]

For You have tried us, O God;
You have refined us as silver is refined.
You brought us into the net;
You laid an oppressive burden upon our loins.
You made men ride over our heads;
We went through fire and through water,
Yet You brought us out into a place of abundance.* [Psalm 66:10-12]

Is not God amazing to know what a range of emotions we humans would have, to plan what to write for those to come? To know what would bring comfort and what wouldn't? (I'm so(oooooooooohohohohohoho) glad He didn't just say, "That's life, dear." and send us on our merry[not-so-merry] way.) Sing to me of the plans that you have for me over again. They've gotta be perfect!
(*=own italics)

17 November 2008

The race you are running is excruciating

Grow bolder in bringing your complaints to God
^there is a difference between a sinful grumbling, and a humble complaint.

See guidance to return to your center of Joy
^"God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks to us in our conscience, but shouts in our pains: It is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world." [Jack Lewis]

^God gives you these trials to strip away the distractions so that you will focus on Him. 

Learn to preach to yourself rather than listen to yourself
^Your heart is a constant stream of thought.
^Ps. 103
^[Psalm 43] as the psalmist wrote these words, he had yet to be delivered.

God is not just a dispenser of joy or a stream that carries joy, He is Joy.  One look at your heart will let others know that God is your joy.  

God invites us to moan in His presence.  I guess this is why so many of the Psalms can say exactly what I feel when I have not the words to tell my heavenly Father.  He wants to know our pains and problems.  He wants us to come to Him.  Go to the Lord with your complaints (He knows them already anyway ;)).

13 November 2008

don't deny that you've never wanted to do this:

disclaimer: after 7 sleepless nights, what else are you supposed to do?

12 November 2008

of peanutbutter cookies and eggnog chocolate

i'd recommend the first one, but not the latter.

"haha, hey look! it's "Life Road"...i never realized that
before...we're drving on the road of life ::smile::"

"yeah, and it ends"

10 November 2008

I've got nothing to say,

but that's okay.

Good morning.


09 November 2008


Trisha:  Why don't more kids make wills?  They die too!  I'm going to write one and you're going to be in it Leah!

me:  ...::shock::

Robin:  Make sure you have someone witness it...

Trisha: ::points to leah:: she's gonna be there--

Robin: a teacher or someone who isn't included in the will.

Trisha:I'm gonna hide it under my bed!!!!

She will do great things...


06 November 2008

someday, we'll know why Sampson loved Delilah...

but that day, is not today.  no, today is the day that:
  •  I found out Mary is in the blog world.  And that's a happy thought.  hey Mary my dearheart... :^)  
  • I had a trig test.  It was rotten tomatoe-ish (the really gross kind).  No comments.  
  • God had something perfect planned.  And it happened.  Like always.  :D
  • I actually played this awesome piano piece with less horrid notes that usual..and I can't even play the piano!  
  • I heard Emory play said song in a much more marvelously musical (there's some alliteration for you) way and with waaaaay more in rhythm and all that jazz than I.
  • Had some bagel bites.  They were good.  
  • Lost it.  I really lost it.  I have no words, or how to deal with it.  It was stupid.  I honestly don't know what to say.   
  • That my day will end with sleep; it hasn't done that for awhile.  A long while.  I'm looking forward to it...
He gives His loved ones sleep...

03 November 2008

i'm thinking maybe just haul the tissue box with me'll save time


everything is in such extremes. [extreme health, nothing at all, over-emotional, blank face and feelings...] everything is too much. [who really needs over 14 hrs. of behind the scenes? do we have lives anymore???...this really has nothing to do with anything i'm talking about, or not talking about, whichever...]

Saturday was horrible, really horrible. I feel good. I feel crappy. This sucks. Life is Grand. Tears start coming before your ready for them (no! please not infront of 10 tables! suck it up for a bit...); they don't come when you are (okay, now that i'm alone it'd be a good time); then they don't stop (waiting in the jeep for 30 min. isn't too bad..until you get a phone call and someone wants to talk and your just blubbering loudly into their ear..); then you feel fabulous afterwards despite your extremely stuffed up nose (i slept soooo well. today was amazing.). Jon Foreman's Limbs and Branches album is...indescribably good. Your Love is Strong in particular...God is so awesomely good to me. It totally out-weighs the bad. Your heart can break in so many different ways and He can always make it whole again. It can feel good again. "Why do I worry? Why do I freak out? God knows what I need. You know what I need." He gives the EXACT amount of grace needed everyday. It is sufficient. I will not need a single bit more than He has given. Saturday, I realized that. Again. But even more than before. "The kingdom of the heavens is now advancing. Invade my heart." Follow the Serious, Ture Joy. Invade me. Cry and feel good. Pray and rely on who you know you've been supposed to, rather than yourself. It's not about me.

29 October 2008

What should we do when our spiritual life isn't what it should be?


I think it's a good place to be in this life, to be aware that we're not what we ought to be. The Apostle Paul set a clear example for us in Philippians 3:12 when he said, "Not that I have already obtained this or am already perfect, but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own."

So the thing to keep in mind when I sense my inadequacy as a Christian is that my acceptance with the Father does not depend ultimately on my adequacy, because Christ has made me his own. He has reached down and—by his cross, by election, by his calling, and by his regeneration—made me his own.

I want to keep my focus on him and pray, "O God, incline my heart to you. Keep me, use me," and then grow in grace by looking to the one who has made me his own.

26 October 2008

It sings happy songs through the tears.

For Jesus, the demand for joy is a way to live with suffering and to outlast suffering. Therefore, this joy is serious. It's the kind you fight for by cutting off your hand (Matthew 5:30) and selling your possessions (Matthew 13:44) and carrying a cross with Jesus to Calvary (Matthew 10:38-39). It has scars. It sings happy songs with tears. It remembers the dark hours and knows that more are coming. The road to heaven is a hard road, but it is not joyless.
---John Piper, In Our Joy, pg 35

19 October 2008

cold thoughts at 11:27 p.m.

! mmmm, my toes are cold and they feel even colder against my *warmer* ankles. 
@ i've translated 2 1/2 greek verses with a broken purple pencil.  ---->
# i'm attempting to warm up the frozen knot in my stomach with STASH'S earl grey's scalding but man, even it tastes coldish.
^ *almost all* of my clothes are clean.  
& i like jeans.  and sweatshirts.  and bagels.  and car rides.  and McAlister's Deli.  and swings, a lot.  
$ my penguin pjs are not performing up to their promised warming guarantee...looking at them playing in the snow on my kneecap isn't helping either.  why do they put snow on things that are supposed to make you feel warm and cuddly?  
% future of forestry is perfect.
* tears need to stop flowing so easily from my eyes, hunger needs to return to my body, sleep needs to saturate my mind, grades need to drop from 'panic' mode and just chill, and God has satisfied all.   

15 October 2008

Question 3 is based on the following passage.

It may look as though I do not know how to begin my tale.  Funny sight, the elderly gentleman who comes lumbering by in a valiant dash for the bus, which he eventually overtakes but is afraid to board in motion and so, with a sheepish smiles, drops back, still going at a trot.  Is it that I dare not make the leap  It roars, gathers speed, will presently vanish irrevocably around the corner, the bus, the motorbus, the mighty motorbus that is my tale.  Rather bulky imagery, this.  I am still running.

In context, the actions of the "elderly gentleman" (line 2) are best understand as
(A) a sign that the narrator fears he will miss an appointment
(B) a reference to the narrator's physical skills
(C) a symbol of the narrator's social status
(D) a metaphor for the narrator's literary struggles
(E) an allusion to the narrator's artistic reputation

 Yes, I is taking the Psat.  

10 October 2008

When I Look at the Stars, I see Someone Else

Tonight, was awesome. The stars are so beautiful; so creative! Can you imagine creating a star? And being the first one to do it? Man alive. Lying on the rooftop of the Jeep, listening to music both sad and sweet, star gazing, being able to watch the moon's progress as it inched along the sky through the trees, imagining what would be goin on in the moon-light-lite woods if I wasn't in this world. thinking of creating a star...I think I could have stayed for hours if it hadn't been for the necessity of a human moment to eat...and do physics. Actually, lying out there I began to think about physics (oh, it's sad) and what if what everyone thinks is tue about physics, actually isn't and all this stuff we spend time memorizing and learning actually doesn't mean a thing except that we humans know what another human is talking about and that maybe other humans would rather not have a conversation about their velocity and gravity and why things move the way they do and what the scaler mesurment of that thing is but instead they would like to lie under the stars and listen to Evanesence and gorgeous piano music and just enjoy the feeling of soccer being played in raquetball rooms and your sweaty shirt sticking to your back and thinking of joy and reading into lyrics too hard and being a stupid, pathetic, cold, over emotional person and to just cry with the stars and watch the moon rise?

09 October 2008

When it's You and I, then my heart can sing!

"You And I
Water for the thirsty
Wholeness for the meek
Shelter and foundation for the weak
Friendship for the lonely
Riches for the poor
Fulfillment for the ones who yearn for more

You are what I long for
You are what I need..."

Every time I listen to this song, I remember how God is all satisfying, and how nothing else is.  

He Is Friendship For The Lonely.  He is what I long for.  He is what I need.    

08 October 2008

sunrise [even when you can't see it for the clouds that lie in the way]

There are those days where I just love the feeling of rain.
There's no other time it would be so perfect, so right.  
It matches my mood, my feelings, the songs I hum in my head.  
If it were sunny, it would be different.  But it's raining; it's so perfect, so right.  
Rain and gray clouds are not synonymous with sadness and bad days.  They can be glorious and beautiful!   
The feeling is quite cold and tingly on my skin; I get goosebumps.  
But there is not a reason or reward that would make me want to change that.  
The freezing droplets soak my shoes and I, from then on, carry the sound of my enjoyment with me through the rest of my day.  :)

22 September 2008

There is a Purpose

Man, I had never thought about having a specific friend and there being this huge point behind God having brought you two together.  I mean, all the time, I'm so thankful for the friends He's given me, and I know He gave them to me, but I guess I never stopped to muse over there might be a bigger reason other than my personal enjoyment ;).  Then again, since there is a purpose in everything He allows, I wonder why I didn't realize it sooner! 
Anyway, last THursday evening, I realized, perhaps, one huge reason why one certain lovely girl and I were brought into each other's lives.  I'm not her closest friend, but at SCA I'm the one who knows her best.  It also turns out that I had gone through almost the exact same things she's working through about 1 1/2 years earlier.   She came up and spilled; I identified.  I didn't really read too deep into this situation until I got to my sister's later that evening.  As I shared my heart with her she helped me see that there was a purpose in all the hardship in my life before where before, I had not.  Before, I would have said, "Why?  I don't get it!  There is absolutely no reason for this happening!"  Now, I see why God allowed (or at least one reason ;) ) to happen what He did and I can even say I'm thankful for it.   

21 September 2008

For Your Joy:

Glorify God.  

10 September 2008

disguising mistakes with goodbyes...

...this seems to be happening more than often to me.


18 August 2008

Hard Heart Lessons and Asking for Directions

::sigh::  This summer has been very interesting for me.  I feel that my heart has gone through so much.  As I think back over lessons fought through and conquered (or something better that what it was anyway ;) ) I think, "Man, I've been stretched as far as I care to be for awhile now," and the next thought is, "what am I saying?!  God's will is perfect and it's totally been working out so far, yeah?  I'm still alive--my heart is still pumping nice and soundly...what's your problem, girl?"  Before Ukraine, on the way to Ukraine, in Ukraine, on the way home, YSSP, work, the past few days reading a really good book my sister got many lessons.  It's so interesting how I plan my life out (well, at least summer wise ;) ) and things totally don't go the way *I* plan yet, I wouldn't wish it different because The Perfect Plan has been fully unveiled.     

26 July 2008


::sigh::  I love my sister.  She is pretty much the definition of superness.  We have grand long talks on the phone about everything...and absolutely nothing a lot of the time.    

Today, we laughed about the worked "funk" for probably 20 min...                                                                                                       
                                                                                                         ...It was awesome. 

22 July 2008

good times in plaid shorts and striped shirts

which i happen to be in.

oh yeah.

Mum is in Memphis.

Ethan and I* stayed up watching Lone Ranger episodes

 and eating Macaroni and Cheese 

and cookie dough 

and cheeze-its! 

and dancing to Led Zeppelin and making Lemon-aid and listening for tornado warnings long into the night...

*I watched the first 5/10 episodes before more jet lag overcame me...Ethan was the trooper and finished all before bedtime.

::Jammin' to Lynard Skynard whilst we deep clean our rooms is next on the schedual::  

oh yeah.  

28 June 2008

171 Starbucks


i want to do this.


08 June 2008

it was fun. it was great. and it was *really* great.

the tears began with my mum during prayer at breakfast...
the bewilderment continued on into the afternoon.
the tears came after hanging up after a "you're growing up" conversation with my daddy on the phone...
this is the only birthday i can remember with him not being here.
2 people tried to cover for the other 4 during my little birthday song...
but i had 7 other dear, lovely, family and friend people call to sing (with much vim and vigor!) various birthday songs to my happy ear (yes, i mean various. you'd be surprised... :P it was great)

it has been the most emotional birthday's been great. :)

Mum, Dad,
Thanks for giving 17 years of your lives to devote to my own life. You've spent years watching, listening, advice-giving, encouraging, loving, caring, educating, helping, preparing, hugging and oodles of other things for me. Thanks for raising me in a Christian home where I am taught to fear God who's full of grace, love, and mercy. You have sacrificed so many things for me; many dreams, wishes, careers that would have been easier, time that would have been yours to have, money that could have been spent on something else. So many times you've spent evenings and entire nights listening to me ramble, cry, rejoice, or stayed up with me when I was sick (or finishing those 4-H projects and school papers :) ). For all the times as a baby when I kept you up at night (which I am told was waaaaaaay more than the usual amount!). All the times you've sat and waited while I had a cello lesson or was at play practice or drove around all night looking for the horse who escaped or come and picked me up from a friend's house at midnight because I needed you :). Lately, so many of our talks end in tears with the thought of having such marvelous parents as you two. I love you both so much more than I could ever say...and it would take me a bit as I'm not good with words :). I don't know the way to say it, thank you just isn't enough. But I guess simple is best-- thank you daddy and mum, for the best 17 years ever! I love you!

P.S. Yes mum, I'll drive safely tomorrow ;) Your car is in excellent hands...::mwhahahah:: hey, they could have used a penguin on that country's flag, right? ;) Thanks for everything today!!! It was super!
dad- does Oobleck live in Memphis as well? I miss him. :( I miss you. See you soon!

06 June 2008

decisions, of which i'm quite bad at, unless i've already made up my mind

it's 11:30 p.m. (hehe, makes me think of when Charity calls and says, "oh! i bet we woke everyone up!" nope, everyone's up talking can join in the festivities! :P)
my family has some grand late night habits.
ethan's chatting on the phone with dad.
mum's making hot chocolate (yes, in 90* weather, with the AC on... :) ).
amia, the only wise one, is sleeping, almost enough to be considered soundly.
i, munching on Flat Earth's crisps (hey, their not half bad...rather on the better half actually...), doughnut holes, and drinking o.j, am trying to decide whether to go against all my normalities and go to bed as i definitely need to rise promptly after 6 with my singing alarm or to do the usual and stay up with everyone and watch a movie...i mean, come on, it's Home Along 2!!! i kinda have to watch it, don't I? :P sitting in my dark room, listening to The Chronicles of Narnia being radio dramatized in the background, and hearing my cat jump into his usual spot on my bed...leaving just enough room for my feet...i honestly and truly want to go to bed...but, it is Home Alone 2.

ahh. the tough decisions in life :P

contempt (or is it disdain?), farewell--
maiden pride, adu--
nice amounts of sleep, forget you.
Central Park's Christmas tree, here I come (it's just 2 hours of sleep anyway)!

04 June 2008

"four days and i'll be one year away...

and that's all i have to say."

31 May 2008

While the sounds of Switchfoot and smells of pancakes fill the house...

I withdrew to my usual place of retirement in great peace and tranquility; spent about two hours in secret duties and felt much as I did yesterday morning, only weaker and more overcome. I seemed to depend wholly upon my dear Lord, wholly weaned from all other dependences. I knew not what to sat to my God, but only to lean on His bosom, as it were, and breathe out my desires after a perfect conformity to Him in all things. Thirsty desires and insatiable longings possessed my soul after perfect holiness. God was so precious to my soul that the world with all its enjoyments was infinitely vile. I had no more value for all the favor of men than pebbles. The Lord was my ALL; and that He overruled all greatly delighted me. I think my faith and dependence upon God scarce ever rose to high. I saw Him such a fountain of goodness that it seemed impossible I should distrust Him again, or be any way anxious about anything that should happen to me. [David Brainerd, April 28th, 1742]

The Silence and Solitude chapter of Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life is amazing! Of course, every chapter I start reading I think is pretty much amazing. But this one, for some odd reason (hmmm, is it really that odd? :^P), is more amazing than usual...

30 May 2008

My Man Luke

[Luke and I debating Postal Service's best song over a nice glass of ice tea during one of the best days ever]

Yesterday, I got to talk to my big brother on the phone and wish him many happy returns of the day. It was so good to hear his voice; to hear him say, "Girl, what's going on? Is Life good? Is everything going alright?"; to laugh at each other's corny jokes and watch mum's face when we both die laughing at each other's stupidity. It was so good to make sarcastic remarks to each other and talk about our small and petty problems with each other (hey, i now can tell the difference between higher-end pools and the lower-end ones--my bro has enlightened me :^P). It was such an "our" conversation. One minute, making fun of each other; the next, giving one other serious Life advice...and then, right in the middle of it, Luke proves that he's not lost his niche at being able to take me in on the most obvious things...::smile:: It was good to sing "happy birthday" to him in my own off key way and knowing that he didn't care. It felt so nice to hear him say, "dude, when are you coming down? You have your license...don't you? We need to go eat some BBQ and jam together, girl." ::sigh:: To listen to his ridiculous voicemail message...

[sooooo much laughter...Jullian's (I think) in Memphis...Arcade/Resturant thing...really good ice tea too...]
Luke, you are one awesome dude. I love you. You always make me laugh. You always remind me not to take things too seriously. We ague out the finer points of what qualifies as random. We go through the drive-through (how do you spell one of those things???), annoying the cashiers, and singing Queen at the top of our lungs covering all the parts. We watch corny movies together and listen to each other's recommendations. We dare each other to do stupid things at the mall like, jumping on all the mattresses in the store and getting out before the little old sweet clerk lady catches you. Or to get your picture taken with the Easter Bunny. Or to go ask the guy across from us at Pizza Hut if he's seen Nemo 'cause I'm looking for him. Ah, yes. Luke, God has blessed me with one marvelous brother who has some pretty sweet skillz. Don't waste them. Live Life to the fullest. And know, that I always have a hug and a kiss for you no matter how many times you tackle Micky Mouse. Rock on. Lovin' Life, Lovin' You (are you stealing some of Chuck and Cindy's wedding beer? ;^) ).

[Posing with the buisness card that some recorder dude gave Luke the night before while Luke was playing his guitar. :P]

28 May 2008

there's a double meaning in that

i officially started working again today.
this could be one grand summer--the drama's already begun. :^/
whoo hoo.
fortunately, i am usually able to avoid it. but in the four hours i was there today there's already been attempts.
oh dear.

27 May 2008

these are the chronicles of Life and Death and Everything between

! Dad left for Memphis yesterday afternoon unknowingly leaving behind his creative writing book for class.

@ Dad called this morning before 7 saying he needed said book because an assignment was due.

# Mum woke me, told me she had to leave for work and that I should await Dad's call to see exactly what he needed and then do it.

$ Dad called and he needed his entire lesson 2 and the exercises.

% I proceeded to go upstairs, nervous about trying to use our "3 in 1" scanner/printer/faxer thing it always seemed to forget that it was a "3 in 1" and usually didn't play any of the above parts.

* After spending 40 min. trying to convince the computer that the horrid Lexmark was indeed connected to the computer, I called Dad back and asked some advice.

( I ran through the usual troubleshooting steps. Many times.

) Finally, I thought, "Whatever, I'll hook it up to the other computer. I'm not loosing anything."

!! Success! Success! It worked!


Thankfully, Mum is extremely organized and had all the user guides/installation cds/usb cords/random cool penguin stickers and such all sorted in her filing cabinet and it took a whole of 13 seconds of panicking before I found them.

Dad has his assignment, I actually fingered out this semi-complicated-for-me-issue, and life goes on. Hurrah. I feel grown up.

I dislike computers (and the house smells like someone is cooking a chicken...weird.).

19 May 2008

while words evade me, shine on

Adam D: Did you know your name spelled backwards is mmikhael?  Sorta like Michael.  We could call you Mikael!  

Er, Mikey.

I:  ::laughing::

People who come and make random comments to me through-out the day totally make it spectacular.  Thanks Adam! :^)

Appearance doesn't matter during finals.  (So said some flair)
Including the glazed-over-eye-from-too-little-sleep-and-too-much-caffeine-look (So said I) which I will be sporting tomorrow.


But who cares?!  Tomorrow, I am leaving behind 4 classes (and Thursday 4 more!!!!)  that I am done with!  (good-bye Jay Wile!  I'm not going to be missing you!)  Mum is already discussing next years classes at IUK...oh dear....


God Will Heal My Faithlessness is pretty much one of the most amazing and self-identifying (or whatever you would call it) posts I've ever read.  You should read it.  Really and Truly.   


I've left my lab book and greek homework at home.  oops.  


Ethan had his last soccer game tonight and they were amazing!  Had some serious foot skillz going on and some pretty grand steals/passes.  


I didn't mean to make this another rambling, random thought post.  But it came anyway.  I guess my mind won't write other than it is no matter how much I wish to change it.  

Emery (As Your Voice Fades) is humming over the speakers to me...

And the world spins madly on.  

09 May 2008

There is so much I could talk about.

So many different things going on that I could forget trying to stick to one topic and ramble on about everything...but that defeats the purpose of midnight phone calls.  

I could talk about the amazing thoughts I've been reading in my Spiritual Disciplines book on Stewardship (oh, man!  'tis good.  'tis good.).

I could write on the simply ridiculous and hilarious and spiffy times my sister have at 11:42 p.m. talking about grammer and Shakespeare and bbq grilling and Closer episodes and her old slow laptop and whether or not nonimperativesque is a word and exactly how we'd use it in a sentence and how we both can't talk while we are laughing that hard because we sound like mice and fall off beds at that late hour.

I could write about how Revelation has some amazing stuff in the first 3 chapters and how some new understanding has come from Mr. VanDoodawaard's excellent teaching.  

Or I could write about the crazy time last Saturday night/morning my little bro and I had baking these AMAZING chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips and with more chocolate flavoring whist singing Sarah Brightman's part in Phantom of the Opera and not being able to hit that high...E maybe?  And getting into one of the stupidest burping contests ever.  By the way,  Andrea Bochelli and Sarah Brightman sing a lovely duet 'Time to say Goodbye'.     

Perhaps I could post the words to this positively beautiful hymn that we are singing in my music skillz class.  They make you  cry.  

I could brave all embarrassment of my badness at putting words together and type some of my own pathetic work up here for all to be nice and say, "I like it!  Good job!" while all the while them and I both know it's not even close to being liked.  No, the world shall be none the wiser.

Half my life ago, my aunt brought me the first of A Series of Unfortunate Events.  I didn't like it.  Now, half my life later, my sister bought the eleventh of the series for my brother and I'm totally enjoying it--at least the first chapter and a half ;^).  I could create a post of some of the most witty things I've ever read from this book, but that would take too long.  (I'm sure making this pointless list is much less time consuming ;^) )


Well, now that I have posts covered for the next several months and absolutely nothing done for today, I shall leave.


I guess I should leave something beneficial for you who braved your way all the way down here.  


So, in the words of Reepacheep, "This is where I go one alone!" 

30 April 2008

forever and ever...

(Christopher Robin) a very long time Pooh.
(Pooh): Forever isn't long at all when I'm with you!  

The few talks I heard at Hope for Eternity were amazing.  And I heard they just got better and better.  There was one in particular that a few people shared a bit on yesterday with me.  They were from Mr. Donnelly's (i believe) final sermon.  As I talked to said people, they were talking about heaven and what we would think of each other there and what Mr. Donnelly was saying about it.  Talking about this caused me to think this thought (which even though I've totally thought along this exact thought before, I was completely overjoyed to think about it again and in a deeper way):  
My friendships with my fellow Christians now will never end.  Even when one of us dies, it's not over.  We won't see each other for a bit, but soon enough we shall all be in heaven and then we'll never leave again and just be friends, forever.  We shall be worshipping God, forever.  We will be in this perfect and utter happiness that I'm pretty sure we won't have known before.  And it will last, forever.  

This seriously makes my heart ache with happy thoughts.    

Oh yes, it shall be grand.   

23 April 2008

I can just see me saying this to the driving instructor...

"The other car collided with mine without giving warning of its intention." 

20 April 2008

deep waters: you can either sink or swim.

“I am come into deep waters” took on new meaning this morning. It started with perplexing matters concerning the future. Then it dawned that shallow waters were a place where you can neither sink nor swim, but in deep waters it is one or the other: “Waters to swim in”—not to float in. Swimming is the intense, most strenuous form of motion—all of you is involved in it—and every inch of you is in abandonment of rest upon the water that bears you up. [an excerpt from the Desiring God blog which had this excerpt from A Blossom in the Desert by Lilias Trotter]

After reading this post, the concept of when in deep water you must either sink or swim, the whole bit on shallow waters, how swimming is so strenuous, and how this analogy applies to so many things has been in my thoughts a lot.  I won't give you the whole spheal about what I've been thinking, I'd just be paraphrasing what you've already read. ;^) And I think Lilias Trotter says it too well for me to say it any different.  

13 April 2008

Matthew 10:42

check it out:

1.1 billion people don’t have access to safe, clean drinking water. That’s 1 in 6 people alive today.
Unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation causes 80% of all sickness and disease, and kills more people every year than all forms of violence, including war. Many people in the developing world, usually women and children, walk more than three hours every day to fetch water that is likely to make them sick. (source)
Jesus said, “Whoever gives one of these little ones even a cup of cold water because he is a disciple, truly, I say to you, he will by no means lose his reward” (Matt. 10:42). These folks don’t have clean water, much less cold water.
What can we do? Going overseas and personally handing out cups of clean water is not practical for most of us. It’s also not very efficient compared with digging wells and teaching sanitation and ecological techniques. But one thing we can all do is give a $20 bottle of charity:
Charity:water is a non-profit initiative bringing clean water and basic sanitation into impoverished communities. Since [Charity:water] was founded and began activity in August 2006, we have funded the construction of more than 250 wells that, when completed, will provide clean drinking water to 150,000 people.
A $20 bottle of charity water can give a person in Africa clean, safe drinking water for 20 years. 100% goes to direct project costs.
That’s certainly worth $20 to me.

-Desiring God Blog Post by Josh Sowin on March 24, 2008

08 April 2008

"just a day, just an ordinary day..."

  • singing loudly all day (don't ask the neighbor's opinion!)...
  • standing in the sun hanging clothes on the line...
  • dancing madly around the house...
  • vacuuming the house (maybe the neighbors didn't hear me over the contraption :^D)...
  • talking to several dear friends...
  • eating day-old pizza...
  • washing a very muddy dog...
  • apologizing and being forgiven...
  • catching up on FB...
  • listening to "Gone" about 18 times...
  • trying to "keep the green button on continuously"...
  • making my bed at 1:19 AM with sun-dried and wind-blown sheets...
  • a complete change of heart...

I think my Monday was a success.

Quote of the Day
The strength of patience hangs on our capacity to believe that God is up to something good for us in all our delays and detours.
—John Piper

05 April 2008

Sons of Korah Psalm 117

"Praise the LORD, all nations;

Laud Him, all peoples!

For His lovingkindness is great toward us,

And the truth of the LORD is everlasting.

Praise the LORD! "


04 April 2008

Joy happened...

...and it was glorious.
i seriously cannot even explain.
but, there was a witness to this spectacular event,
one who sang with me all of Psalm 136 at the top of our lungs tho i was out of breath and shaking so.
who let me run crazily and laugh and cry and joined in with me.
who gave some pretty fierce hugs and who knew exactly what i meant.
who prayed earnestly in front of a heater and behind a projector.  
Joy inexpressible so happened.
oh man, i don't even know what to say...

but RYa, i guess you at least shall understand what went on rather wonderfully in the sanctuary so all is well.  :^)

1 Peter 1:8&9, "and though you have not seen Him, you love Him, and thought you do not see Him now, but believe in Him, you greatly rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory, obtaining as the outcome of your faith the salvation of your souls."  

01 April 2008

finding joy

Abby and I have been talking about finding more joy in the Lord more throughout our day recently while we've been working through 1st Peter. Here is something she brought to ponder:

"Restore to me the joy of your salvation And sustain me with a willing spirit." Psalm 51:12

True, pure joy. Isn't it grand?

30 March 2008

I am not Cool

My fellow Coffee Consumers, let me encourage you to watch the Don't Waste Your Life podcasts. They are so convicting and encouraging. Seriously. Even though all deal with the overall same topic of not wasting the life you've been given, each one looks at it differently. It's not just the unbelievers who waste their lives. For the past couple of weeks I have gotten away from watching them regularly and last night I hopped on my iTunes podcasts and decided to watch a few. Oh man, they are good. I want to waste less of my life and be willing to risk it and use more of it to the glory and honor of God.

24 March 2008

Oh yeah... know you secretely want to be a rockstar cellist who has sweet head-banging skillz and can play even when your glasses fall off...okay, maybe this is only a dream for some of us :)

17 March 2008

Where Things Stand: Perfection

I was "planning" (yes, make fun of me if you crazy as it seems, I ::do:: sometimes have some sort of semi-plan going on in this blog thing of mine), to do this rather nice little blog post this evening when we returned from..."There", however, my fingers and brain cannot remember said plan so I shall move on to Plan the Next (as there was no Plan B or any other progressive letter plans following).




::decides there pretty much wasn't any other plan::




::decides to at least say something now that 1/2 of something has already been semi-typed::

My friends and fellow Sharpie Users:

Today I have lived on a half eaten bag of Skittles (air does them well), a half eaten bag of Combos (air does not do them so well), several ice teas, a triple Rockstar (hey, in my defense, was not my idea!), some lovely music with air added, and God's perfect and timely grace. It's so insanely perfect and all we need at that moment! Who wants my idea of perfection when you can have the Creator of the Universe, the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings, God's sheer perfection? I could cry with joy at the utter Love and Beauty of it all. In this we can take comfort, at this precise moment, all the grace we need has been given. We shall never be in want of any more.

All we need. Is not that Perfection?

14 March 2008

Walking in Memphis..Which I now have

My dudes,
It's warm.
It's creepy.
It's musicified.
It's inhabited by the majority of my family at the moment.
It's interesting.
It has this perfectly grand park to play soccer in.
It has a four story library.
It has this super cool music/other really cool stuff store called Spin Street...i think.
It's amazing how something so unfimiliar and different can feel like home when family's there.

I'd put some pictures and laughable videos of my brothers on here but my mum's laptop is very grumpy and deciding not to read my nice little memory card...anyway, enjoy the day. I'm going to go enjoy mine with a little greek, chemistry, and some new Jack Johnson. Oh yeah.

10 March 2008


not Right
Dear Friend 
Meaningful Conversation
Flavored Chalk
Summer afternoons waiting for Dad to get home from work drawing chalk pictures on the sidewalk, teaching Ethan how to spell "Welcome Home Daddy".
teaching Ethan how to ride his bike
Grandpa watching my efforts--
Me wanting to make him proud.
Car ride in Kokomo, on a Saturday in January a year ago.
Grocery carts and Dollar Generals (Oceans 11 too).
Bowling, Elizabeth Town, Switchfoot and interesting conversations having nothing to do with any of it in a Grandmother's car (with Gram not even in the car!)
Serious Christians.
alarms (on phones of course!)
I didn't.
I did.
You didn't?!
Sign Lanuage
Mrs. J
"BTW, is that an eyeball you're hugging dear?"
Mike Wizowski
(Cheese and the people who belong to it.)
most used expression-
good thing?
atomic clocks
Daylight Savings
long, late, scheduled, wonderful conversations.
whispering sos not to wake people up
people coming in saying they were woke up
hiding in the closet talking
green rivers and cafeterias 
Missing People (tear)
College (groans and more tears)
unimportance of education
growing up, changing (::SIGH::), leaving behind
Rooming Chums in 4 months. (biking for one hour)
heart/brain twins,
unique friendship.
The Usefulness of Blogger.
ice cream pictures
Indianapolis, 12 am
Road Trips 
turtle candy
Relient K
loong list ("there's a double meaning in that.." Shakespeare! Phil! 2!!)

08 March 2008

This is Your Life...Switchfootify it!


a bit of the upcoming reality hit just about 4 minutes ago. A Lady called me on her cell phone (hence the reason she kept calling me "Lisa"...stupid low number of reception bars....) and inquired about taking my horse. Sadness began to hit home aswell. I think it's time to read some Psalms and 1st Peter 1.


D'you know, you can actually taste differences in the color of M&Ms? (See The Martian Child for refrence. Better yet, don't. Then it can remain as it is. Which is better.) It's rather interesting.

(too many cliches today...i'm starting to forget how to use them in my paper...)

07 March 2008

Georgeness to the Fullest

For those who know/care/ whatever...

...George is now in cyberspace.

01 March 2008



27 February 2008

Pray Like This: Hallowed Be Your Name

By Pastor John Piper ( 12.30.07
Thanks Andrew for doing this complicated computer language video embed thing! :)

My notes:
Text: Matthew 6:5-18
1. What Prayer is
"Prayer is intentionally conveying a message to God."
Why say intentionally? Romans 8:26. The Holy Spirit is there speaking for us even when we are speechless. We convey messages to God all day long. But not always intentionally. When we pray we intentionally covey messages to God.
Why not just say communicating with God? We pray to God, God doesn't pray to us. Prayer is the intentional message giving to God.
What kind of messages count as prayer?
A. Petition "God delights in our asking…His glory is magnified in this."
B. Praise (Ps. 145:2)
C. Thanking Him for His gifts and acts. "We should overflow…when we get up thank Him when we go to bed thank Him…all day long" (Revelation 11:17)
D. Confessing and asking for forgiveness (Ps 32:5)
E. Complain to the Lord (Ps. 32:1) (Job good example) We shouldn't have a complaining heart (Philippians 2:14). We should have a trusting heart. But we do have a complaining heart. So be real. Complain in front of God. It's not good to, but if we are complaining inside, God already sees it. Convey your heart to God over and over. Pray to God about everything. Begin and end everything in prayer. Ex. Emails, cars ride, phone call, conversation, every night's rest, every meal (whether out loud or not), every time you get on the treadmill. Short, 5 seconds. Ex: "God, please help me to glorify you in this email." Be in communion with God continually. Leave the phone on when you're talking with God. Never push the red button. Pray everywhere continuously.

2. With Whom/where we should pray?
Pray in your private room (Matthew 6:5&6). You don't always have to pray in your room. But find or make a place to pray. You do one thing at this place, you talk to God. Get away from distractions. Pray by yourself.
Pray with your family. (1 Peter 3:7) Unhindered, free, natural family prayer. Just do it. Even if it's just 2 minutes.
Pray in small gatherings of Christians. (If two or three are gathered…) Two or three move the world. Why do we come to the prayer meetings and put in effort if we don't believe that these people shake the world? Pray in small groups of Christians. (Acts 4:29) We need to regularly pray with other believers. It's important! By not doing this, we cut ourselves off from extraordinary blessing. We will not enjoy the fullness of the blessings of Christ if we don't include in our bigger picture of life, regular prayer with other believers.
Pray in worship services. It's mainly prayer structured around the Word. Mean the songs you sing to God. Sing to Him. Reading scriptures should turn into prayer. During the sermon pray for understanding, prayer for the pastor, if you are the pastor pray for your preaching.
Prayer everywhere. Keep the green button on. ("I believe, help my unbelief!") Not just foxhole prayers. God doesn't mind foxhole prayers. But those shouldn't be the only kind.

3. Why should we pray?
Because we are told to so many times. (James 5:16; 1 Thessalonians. 5:17; Luke 22:40; Luke 18:1; Luke 6:28; Matthew 6:9) God loves us, He wouldn't tell us to do something that's bad for us. He tells us to pray.
Because it is a means to the increase of our joy. (John 16:24)
Because it is simply a staggeringly awesome privilege. We never inform Him of anything He doesn't already know. We do not improve upon His knowledge on what He should do next. (Romans 11:34) He doesn't need our prayer. He is God. No needs. We have needs. He is the Need-Meeter. How the Need-Meeter gets glory is by hearing the prayers of the needy. It's staggering how He, the Creator of the Universe ordains that prayers cause things. Things that happen, would not happen if we didn't pray. (James 4:2) It's a staggeringly glorious privilege! If you are offered the privilege of engaging with God in such a way that your requests could bring into being things that would not otherwise come into being, not to avail yourself or that privilege is folly! That's why we pray. God is beckoning us into our share of the running of the universe.
Because when you go to God in dependence upon His wisdom, power, and love to do what you long for Him to do according to His will, you mightily make the Father and the Son look great. When you go to the Father, in the name of the Son, by the power of the Spirit to do what only they can do and you plead and it happens, you make them look great. (John 14:13; 2 Corinthians 1:11) Lots of people praying so lots of people thank God when it happens! ((Ps. 50:15)) Call upon God, He will deliver you, and you will glorify Him. (up, down, up)

Glancing at the Lord's Prayer:
Vs. 9 – The most important request we should make, "Make your name great!" First request of the Lord's prayer. Hallowed means sanctified. We plead with God, "Hallow your name in this world! In my family…" God setting His name, this holy representation of Himself, apart as the most precious, holy, valuable, beautiful, reality. That God's name is treasured above all things. It's a profound and wonderful calling to pray for the glory of God to fill the earth.

"God is most glorified in us, when we are most satisfied in Him."

26 February 2008

why not?**

  • Substantialiscious
    / sub-'stan(t)-shu-'li-shus (noun) The weight of something when you weigh it with your tongue.
  • Nougatocity/nū-gat-ä-si-tE/ (noun) A heightend yet fleeting state of acomplishment that makes you realize how unbelievably unmotivated you normally are.

**I had a mega explanation filled with candy wrappers, IUK and it's wonderous internet connection in it's study rooms with strange people, rubber duckys (duckies?), George, warnings about my next post, brains, and cheese but i decided to leave with absolutely no explanation and most definitely not explaining what I wrote, but then didn't. Yes, there was a reason why I was explaining why I didn't post what I originally wrote, but I'm way too beyond awakeness to remember what it was...I am incoherent...isn't that geometry? ahh, nm, I forget and I don't want to remember. I found this awesome John Piper quote that I may just have to find again and share with you all. In the meanwhiles and nonwhiles, Sleep on, dreaming dreams of a lovely nature, trouse*** merrily into the world tomorrow with a grin, a light heart, and a full measure of God's grace to get you through the day!

***This isn't a word. However, for the past 2 years I have been using it like it was a real word and since it's such a nice word and one of my favorite words, I had to use it. It means to tramp or trudge, but in a much less clod-hopper fashion. More graceful and light. Skippingish. Oh how I love it. Maybe I shall go write a poem on that word...hmmm, tempting.

07 February 2008

think happy thoughts....and they lift you into the air!

Affinity means:
1. plane-flying
2. hurrah
3. attraction
4. mom

How how I love multiple choice questions....

As John Belushi once said,"I owe it all to little chocolate donuts."

Indeed. Well said Belushi, well said.

27 January 2008

do not...

eat only conversation hearts all day (but if you must, Necco makes the best ones...)

! They seriously make your level of sanity/reality rise

@ It's not a healthy meal....(actually it doesn't even qualify as a meal....wait a min. YES IT DOES!) you have nothing to run on all day

# They turn your tounge interesting colors

19 January 2008

Different *types* of Posts

I love blogger....I guess myspace is similar...pretty much the same thing, but nevertheless (isn't that a super cool word?) blogger is a friend that I'm closer with then that isn't really mine's probably been take over by mad cows or something.

But, it's so much fun to post here. Seriously. I don't know why it gives me such joy, but it does. I can post some marvelous thing that God has been teaching me, some awesome encouragement received from a friend, a wacky, random picture of my brother dancing in the rain with some random hippies in 1995....hmmmm, maybe I'll not expose the world to THAT one...then, there is also those times were I can "update" without actually updating (as Charity once told me, "I love how you update, without actually updating. :-P" [probably a snort thrown in there too...]). Months may go by and all that will change will be a profile picture, a new group added to my favorite music, another link of some cool friend's blog...then again, I may post 3 times a week. Or just log in twice in one day.

Or, I could post one of those posts that completely wastes about 1 min and 6 seconds of your life and updates nothing!

hmmm, yes, those are fun too.

10 January 2008

"I'm Going Slighty Mad"

"I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride my bike!"

haha. It makes me laugh most profusly and ardently....which makes absolutely no sense but it sounded cool. Dude, perhaps I seriously am going mad.

I've been on blogger like, twice in one week.

What is going on?

French Rock is fun to listen too. hmm, some to think of it, singing it rather jolly too.

Galations 2:20 is a most excellent verse.

You have been SuperPoked! [Stanly, if I am poked one more time...I may resort to poking back!]

Spiritual Disciplines For the Christian Life is a marvelous book! Whoa, beans. Like, colorful beans. -->

I have the urge, ()heh, looks better with a 'd' in it....urdge.....yes indeed...() to go call a very dear friend....and maybe do some yoga. Good gravy, I may even have the urdge to start some greek or chemistry or something.

Something is going on...