trying something new?

27 January 2008

do not...

eat only conversation hearts all day (but if you must, Necco makes the best ones...)

! They seriously make your level of sanity/reality rise

@ It's not a healthy meal....(actually it doesn't even qualify as a meal....wait a min. YES IT DOES!) you have nothing to run on all day

# They turn your tounge interesting colors

19 January 2008

Different *types* of Posts

I love blogger....I guess myspace is similar...pretty much the same thing, but nevertheless (isn't that a super cool word?) blogger is a friend that I'm closer with then that isn't really mine's probably been take over by mad cows or something.

But, it's so much fun to post here. Seriously. I don't know why it gives me such joy, but it does. I can post some marvelous thing that God has been teaching me, some awesome encouragement received from a friend, a wacky, random picture of my brother dancing in the rain with some random hippies in 1995....hmmmm, maybe I'll not expose the world to THAT one...then, there is also those times were I can "update" without actually updating (as Charity once told me, "I love how you update, without actually updating. :-P" [probably a snort thrown in there too...]). Months may go by and all that will change will be a profile picture, a new group added to my favorite music, another link of some cool friend's blog...then again, I may post 3 times a week. Or just log in twice in one day.

Or, I could post one of those posts that completely wastes about 1 min and 6 seconds of your life and updates nothing!

hmmm, yes, those are fun too.

10 January 2008

"I'm Going Slighty Mad"

"I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride my bike!"

haha. It makes me laugh most profusly and ardently....which makes absolutely no sense but it sounded cool. Dude, perhaps I seriously am going mad.

I've been on blogger like, twice in one week.

What is going on?

French Rock is fun to listen too. hmm, some to think of it, singing it rather jolly too.

Galations 2:20 is a most excellent verse.

You have been SuperPoked! [Stanly, if I am poked one more time...I may resort to poking back!]

Spiritual Disciplines For the Christian Life is a marvelous book! Whoa, beans. Like, colorful beans. -->

I have the urge, ()heh, looks better with a 'd' in it....urdge.....yes indeed...() to go call a very dear friend....and maybe do some yoga. Good gravy, I may even have the urdge to start some greek or chemistry or something.

Something is going on...