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19 January 2008

Different *types* of Posts

I love blogger....I guess myspace is similar...pretty much the same thing, but nevertheless (isn't that a super cool word?) blogger is a friend that I'm closer with then that isn't really mine's probably been take over by mad cows or something.

But, it's so much fun to post here. Seriously. I don't know why it gives me such joy, but it does. I can post some marvelous thing that God has been teaching me, some awesome encouragement received from a friend, a wacky, random picture of my brother dancing in the rain with some random hippies in 1995....hmmmm, maybe I'll not expose the world to THAT one...then, there is also those times were I can "update" without actually updating (as Charity once told me, "I love how you update, without actually updating. :-P" [probably a snort thrown in there too...]). Months may go by and all that will change will be a profile picture, a new group added to my favorite music, another link of some cool friend's blog...then again, I may post 3 times a week. Or just log in twice in one day.

Or, I could post one of those posts that completely wastes about 1 min and 6 seconds of your life and updates nothing!

hmmm, yes, those are fun too.


aswine said...

Or, you could write a post about posting.
I think everyone would enjoy seeing a picture of Ethan dancing in the rain with hippies.

...or Luke...

I thought about taking a picture of a cookie sitting on a floppy drive warming in front of a space heater, then posting it, but then I ate it, then it was too late.

Mariaj said...

I love unpostfulness posts. :D Especially yours.

Blogger is pretty great! It is very sad that not that many people blog anymore. Everyone moves on to bigger and better things. Oh well, at least you are still here am I...well, sometimes! :)

Mel & Abby said...

I love your random posts.
I love you.

And, because I love we love you so much Abbs and I posted because you told us to. And we were in great need of an update.


Mel & Abby said...

Yes! Blogger is so great! Mel and I are gonna try to to start posting more:) And we did twice!
Anyway...I love your blog! It so amazing, you always have the coolest posts. Randomness is grand!

I love you dearie!

Lil' bun said...

I think i've been inspired by your post to update! :) hehe.. i SO need to.. but i tend to take AGES on my post.. i get a _little_ distracted sometimes...

Maybe i will update now..

I love you.. call me, beautiful girl.
your lil' bun

Charity said...


it's true. I love it!

Lovely talking to you, dear. I'm praying for you.

me, myself, and I said...

Yeah, it'd be a Luke picture...hehe. Actually, I'd be the one dancing with hippies, Luke is the one who tackles Micky Mouse in Dinsey Land...

Thanks! I love unpostful posts too Maria! :) well, Blogger is just the biggest and best thing to us anyway, right? :P I love reading your blog as well and I'm so glad when people take the time to post whatever they're thinking...or in my case, not necessarily even thought material! :P

MEL! YOU DID POST! I READ IT...well, listened to it anyway ;) I love you too! We have great random times together ("it's always better when we're together..."), don't we? :)

ABBY BABY!!!! A great big WHOO HOO for people who return to the scary, friendly blogger world and continue on in their musings! I love reading your blog! WE ALMOST AS RANDOM AS THEY COME!!!!!!!!! Love you too!

My Own Lil' Bun,
hey, you may not post a lot, but when you do it's totally not useless and a waste of time like *aghem* SOME (oh boy, I wouldn't know WHO'S :P) people do. And distraction isn't always a bad thing if applied to blogger...I wish I was more distracted by school. Instead, I waste a good little chunk of time every week to post something that doesn't really matter, log into every little thing I've ever become a member to, and look up weird and wackly definitions in the WEBSTER ONLINE DICTIONARY!!!! (oh yeah...) But, I love you and I will call you...prolly Thursday night for me if that's okay?

Charibuns, I'm glad you agree with me ;) I'm glad we can have random conversations lasting for 45 min aobut our favorire AIO episodes and characters and then talk about college and what God's been teaching us and then about which friut has the coolest name...I've never had someone who I can talk on the phone for hours and it not be awkward whom I rarely see!!! But all that's changed after I met the woderful Blackwood girls...hey, Maria and I have never _really_ talked...hmmm. We shall have to change that... :P