trying something new?

27 January 2008

do not...

eat only conversation hearts all day (but if you must, Necco makes the best ones...)

! They seriously make your level of sanity/reality rise

@ It's not a healthy meal....(actually it doesn't even qualify as a meal....wait a min. YES IT DOES!) you have nothing to run on all day

# They turn your tounge interesting colors


Rya said...

Love it. Your blog is so much fun to read!!!

I love you dearest!!!


charibunzzz said...

Ewwww (not the good kind)! I am definitely not in danger of ignoring your advice... I will definitely go for chocolate (dark chocolate! yummmm) for a whole meal or day, but NOT those yucky blucky valentine hearts! They look cute, but they taste like flavored chalk. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

But I still love you, even if you do eat such weird things.

Haha, I LOVE TALKING ABOUT AIO!!!!! Okay, I have to tell you something, and I hope you will not be sad...but I was totally going to give you an Odyssey album that we had a double of when I saw you in the States, but then I didn't have it with me when I saw I ended up giving it to the Helds when they saw us off at the airport because they love AIO, too! I will make it up to you someday.....even if it just means we spend 20 hours talking about our favorite characters. Oh, and by the way, I accidently lied and said that Tamara thought Wooten was skinny, too...she pictures him as chubbY! Ahhhhhh! What is her problem?? HE IS SKINNY AND ADORABLE!

Okay, I am done shouting about this to the world. This is what happens when I don't get enough sleep AND read your blog ALL IN THE SAME DAY!

aswine said...

Those are just about the 2nd or 3rd to worst things ever, but I can see you running on Rockstar, tofuchaladas, and those atrocities all day.

I have the worst time spelling "tongue". It normally takes a few minutes. It's like spelling "taught" after "though" and "thought". English is a big...hunk...of..........ummm, haggis. Yes, that's the word I was looking for. Everything you've ever dreaded eating stuffed into a sheep's stomach, like Rockstar, tofuchaladas, and Necco hearts.


ben j. said...

Problem, Andrew. I have a problem with your metaphor. Haggis is good; tho I do dread the day when those awful hearts get stuck into that gleaming-mass-of-guts haggis.

How do Necco hearts qualify as a meal?

me, myself, and I said...

Rya, your blog is just as fun to read! speaking of which...have you posted lately? i think i shall go check...

WHOA! WOAH! AND WOHA! THEY MOST CERTAINLY ARE NOT FLAVORED CHALK!!!!!! Has all that Aussie heat affected your taste buds??

I love talking to you about AIO too! I'm glad you are one of those people who's realized that Wooten is indeed a very skinny guy. Oh, and no worries about the album! It's completely fine ;)

Oh, my. Dear, get some sleep...then read my blog. I don't want to be responsible for you dying or on! :) I'm calling you and T tomorrow, if that is agreeable to all parties...can you tell what I've been reading/watching lately? ;)

Andy...does anyone ever call you that? Anyway, I'm glad you can picture that because that is the real and pure truth of it all...Rockstars, Conversation Hearts, Orange Bell Peppers....mmhmmm...yum. And although Haggis is not exactly the loveliest sounding food...i've never had it so I cannot say if it is disgusting...although, if it's stuffed with Rockstars, Necco hearts, and organic tofu things, it probably wouldn't be that bad..hmmm...

Benjamin Jones...tsk, tsk. I thought you would have understood the significance of Necco hearts qualifying as a meal...oswell. I don't know if they are one of those things that can be's rather like those little leprechauns that were in our geometry book...unexplainable...whoa...