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10 January 2008

"I'm Going Slighty Mad"

"I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride my bike!"

haha. It makes me laugh most profusly and ardently....which makes absolutely no sense but it sounded cool. Dude, perhaps I seriously am going mad.

I've been on blogger like, twice in one week.

What is going on?

French Rock is fun to listen too. hmm, some to think of it, singing it rather jolly too.

Galations 2:20 is a most excellent verse.

You have been SuperPoked! [Stanly, if I am poked one more time...I may resort to poking back!]

Spiritual Disciplines For the Christian Life is a marvelous book! Whoa, beans. Like, colorful beans. -->

I have the urge, ()heh, looks better with a 'd' in it....urdge.....yes indeed...() to go call a very dear friend....and maybe do some yoga. Good gravy, I may even have the urdge to start some greek or chemistry or something.

Something is going on...


Charity said...

Wow, I totally bought that book with my Christmas money! I haven't started it yet, though... (remember, I am trying to break my old habits!) I saw it on the book table at WC (in a photo, of course, not in real life). Is that where you got it?

Well, I need to seriously get off and finish getting ready for our bike trip.

You are not crazy. You are amazing. We've discussed this!!!!

it was lovely to talk...hopefully we shall again SOONLY!

ben j. said...

It often happens that something goes on.

I can't wait to see Gary again and hear that verse for myself! Thanks again for being there for him on Tuesday. I'm so proud of him!

oh dear, and don't get me saying "urdge" ... I'll actually start pronouncing it with a "d" in there. (I already say the "b" in "lamb.")

I'm replying! whoa whoa whoa! said...

Oh Charity! Don't start until you're ready to devote yourself to it! It is wonderful! But yes,I got is a WC. I was a wee bit too slow to grab Don't Waste Your Life so I got Spiritual Disciplines...and I most definitely do not regret it! It is fabulous! Very chalanging. I'm looking forward to the chapter "silence and solitude" :P
P.S. I'm not amazing! A Maze perhaps....who does mazes...but not amazing. anyway...

Whoa...thanks for imparting your wisdom of things-going-on-ishness to me Ben ;) I have been enlightend. Dude! Did he say it to you on Thursday? I was so excited when he said it to me...Rock on Gary! ::what?:: Urge pretty much does have a "d" in there....