trying something new?

07 February 2008

think happy thoughts....and they lift you into the air!

Affinity means:
1. plane-flying
2. hurrah
3. attraction
4. mom

How how I love multiple choice questions....

As John Belushi once said,"I owe it all to little chocolate donuts."

Indeed. Well said Belushi, well said.


aswine said...

There's only one person in the world who doesn't know that my name isn't Andy, and that's Eric Schnabel. If you want to call me something other than Andrew, you can say Swinehart or A Swine.

It's hilarious how your posts are generally filled with absolutely nothing, yet I still wait for the next one.

Those weren't really the choices at FreeRice, were they?

Rya said...

:) How can you do that? You are so good at being random. :)

I love you!!


Kaitlyn... said...

Did you take that amazing picture of the sky? Makes me want to fly up there...

p.s. your randomosity is beautiful :)

me, myself, and I said...

A Dude- thanks...i think. although, in my own defense, my posts are totally not filled with nothing. because if they were filled with nothing, they wouldn't exist. end of point and too tired to think of any logical reasoning why my posts are worth reading...

Moriah- forget all i've ever said in the praise of randomness. i'm beginning to dislike it...sorta. not really. kinda. but still...yet it's a bit to late to go and change my personality, yes? then again, i could work terribly hard on it and maybe in 23 years... I love you too :) Thanks for sharing a super small bed at 4:30 am with someone who had skittle breath.

Kaitlyn, my grand person- Yes I did. I'm glad it brings flyingish was a beautiful sight. and thanks! not many think are a rare kind. Which just so happens to be perfect. :)