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30 March 2008

I am not Cool

My fellow Coffee Consumers, let me encourage you to watch the Don't Waste Your Life podcasts. They are so convicting and encouraging. Seriously. Even though all deal with the overall same topic of not wasting the life you've been given, each one looks at it differently. It's not just the unbelievers who waste their lives. For the past couple of weeks I have gotten away from watching them regularly and last night I hopped on my iTunes podcasts and decided to watch a few. Oh man, they are good. I want to waste less of my life and be willing to risk it and use more of it to the glory and honor of God.

24 March 2008

Oh yeah... know you secretely want to be a rockstar cellist who has sweet head-banging skillz and can play even when your glasses fall off...okay, maybe this is only a dream for some of us :)

17 March 2008

Where Things Stand: Perfection

I was "planning" (yes, make fun of me if you crazy as it seems, I ::do:: sometimes have some sort of semi-plan going on in this blog thing of mine), to do this rather nice little blog post this evening when we returned from..."There", however, my fingers and brain cannot remember said plan so I shall move on to Plan the Next (as there was no Plan B or any other progressive letter plans following).




::decides there pretty much wasn't any other plan::




::decides to at least say something now that 1/2 of something has already been semi-typed::

My friends and fellow Sharpie Users:

Today I have lived on a half eaten bag of Skittles (air does them well), a half eaten bag of Combos (air does not do them so well), several ice teas, a triple Rockstar (hey, in my defense, was not my idea!), some lovely music with air added, and God's perfect and timely grace. It's so insanely perfect and all we need at that moment! Who wants my idea of perfection when you can have the Creator of the Universe, the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings, God's sheer perfection? I could cry with joy at the utter Love and Beauty of it all. In this we can take comfort, at this precise moment, all the grace we need has been given. We shall never be in want of any more.

All we need. Is not that Perfection?

14 March 2008

Walking in Memphis..Which I now have

My dudes,
It's warm.
It's creepy.
It's musicified.
It's inhabited by the majority of my family at the moment.
It's interesting.
It has this perfectly grand park to play soccer in.
It has a four story library.
It has this super cool music/other really cool stuff store called Spin Street...i think.
It's amazing how something so unfimiliar and different can feel like home when family's there.

I'd put some pictures and laughable videos of my brothers on here but my mum's laptop is very grumpy and deciding not to read my nice little memory card...anyway, enjoy the day. I'm going to go enjoy mine with a little greek, chemistry, and some new Jack Johnson. Oh yeah.

10 March 2008


not Right
Dear Friend 
Meaningful Conversation
Flavored Chalk
Summer afternoons waiting for Dad to get home from work drawing chalk pictures on the sidewalk, teaching Ethan how to spell "Welcome Home Daddy".
teaching Ethan how to ride his bike
Grandpa watching my efforts--
Me wanting to make him proud.
Car ride in Kokomo, on a Saturday in January a year ago.
Grocery carts and Dollar Generals (Oceans 11 too).
Bowling, Elizabeth Town, Switchfoot and interesting conversations having nothing to do with any of it in a Grandmother's car (with Gram not even in the car!)
Serious Christians.
alarms (on phones of course!)
I didn't.
I did.
You didn't?!
Sign Lanuage
Mrs. J
"BTW, is that an eyeball you're hugging dear?"
Mike Wizowski
(Cheese and the people who belong to it.)
most used expression-
good thing?
atomic clocks
Daylight Savings
long, late, scheduled, wonderful conversations.
whispering sos not to wake people up
people coming in saying they were woke up
hiding in the closet talking
green rivers and cafeterias 
Missing People (tear)
College (groans and more tears)
unimportance of education
growing up, changing (::SIGH::), leaving behind
Rooming Chums in 4 months. (biking for one hour)
heart/brain twins,
unique friendship.
The Usefulness of Blogger.
ice cream pictures
Indianapolis, 12 am
Road Trips 
turtle candy
Relient K
loong list ("there's a double meaning in that.." Shakespeare! Phil! 2!!)

08 March 2008

This is Your Life...Switchfootify it!


a bit of the upcoming reality hit just about 4 minutes ago. A Lady called me on her cell phone (hence the reason she kept calling me "Lisa"...stupid low number of reception bars....) and inquired about taking my horse. Sadness began to hit home aswell. I think it's time to read some Psalms and 1st Peter 1.


D'you know, you can actually taste differences in the color of M&Ms? (See The Martian Child for refrence. Better yet, don't. Then it can remain as it is. Which is better.) It's rather interesting.

(too many cliches today...i'm starting to forget how to use them in my paper...)

07 March 2008

Georgeness to the Fullest

For those who know/care/ whatever...

...George is now in cyberspace.

01 March 2008