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30 March 2008

I am not Cool

My fellow Coffee Consumers, let me encourage you to watch the Don't Waste Your Life podcasts. They are so convicting and encouraging. Seriously. Even though all deal with the overall same topic of not wasting the life you've been given, each one looks at it differently. It's not just the unbelievers who waste their lives. For the past couple of weeks I have gotten away from watching them regularly and last night I hopped on my iTunes podcasts and decided to watch a few. Oh man, they are good. I want to waste less of my life and be willing to risk it and use more of it to the glory and honor of God.


Mel & Abby said...

Thanks for posting that Leah. Very good....and convicting. I look forward to talking to you. Love you!

The One Who Replies said...

oh man! all of them are very convicting! but this one especially for me... :/

Anonymous said...

i like that Leah!!!