trying something new?

10 March 2008


not Right
Dear Friend 
Meaningful Conversation
Flavored Chalk
Summer afternoons waiting for Dad to get home from work drawing chalk pictures on the sidewalk, teaching Ethan how to spell "Welcome Home Daddy".
teaching Ethan how to ride his bike
Grandpa watching my efforts--
Me wanting to make him proud.
Car ride in Kokomo, on a Saturday in January a year ago.
Grocery carts and Dollar Generals (Oceans 11 too).
Bowling, Elizabeth Town, Switchfoot and interesting conversations having nothing to do with any of it in a Grandmother's car (with Gram not even in the car!)
Serious Christians.
alarms (on phones of course!)
I didn't.
I did.
You didn't?!
Sign Lanuage
Mrs. J
"BTW, is that an eyeball you're hugging dear?"
Mike Wizowski
(Cheese and the people who belong to it.)
most used expression-
good thing?
atomic clocks
Daylight Savings
long, late, scheduled, wonderful conversations.
whispering sos not to wake people up
people coming in saying they were woke up
hiding in the closet talking
green rivers and cafeterias 
Missing People (tear)
College (groans and more tears)
unimportance of education
growing up, changing (::SIGH::), leaving behind
Rooming Chums in 4 months. (biking for one hour)
heart/brain twins,
unique friendship.
The Usefulness of Blogger.
ice cream pictures
Indianapolis, 12 am
Road Trips 
turtle candy
Relient K
loong list ("there's a double meaning in that.." Shakespeare! Phil! 2!!)


Charity said...

Oh my goodness (which I lack), look at all I have MISSED on your blog!!! I loved your list. Like loved Loved LOVED it!!

(gotta love it)

Let's kick Tamara off and talk sometime. :) Well okay, she can stay if she wants...

I love you and can't WAIT to see you again (for the second time in my life! how weird is that??).

And I'm praying for you.

Charity said...

p.s. I just looked at like 50 million things on your blog that I have never seen before. Isn't that AMAZING??? Well, anyway, I'm back to comment on some of them.

#1, You, yourself, DO make sense. And even when you don't, I tend to understand (or at least think I do). Which makes it perfect anyway. (HA, and you say YOU are the one who doesn't make sense!!!!!)

#2 Looking at your post below...I have always thought you could taste the difference in different coloured M&M's! That's why everyone knows that blue is the best! Duh. (and hows come you didn't enable comments on that post?) Also, it is okay to be sad, my dear little friend. It truly is (and I think much of God's Word confirms that). However, there is joy to be found in life which will exceedingly overly abundantly more-than-you-can-ask-or-imagine-ly surpass that sadness after a time. Oh dear, I am writing a book. And it probably looks pretty dumb to most people, but I'm pretty sure you will be okay with it. :)

#3 (and I think I better leave it at this before your computer explodes upon opening this comment box!...and mine explodes upon closing it! or something) I love your self-mirror photo. You are just adorable. And I mean it. End of discussion.

Charity said...

hahaha, I'm soo sorry to comment again (well okay, I'm not really :D), but I just read over my comment and almost laughed out loud at the fact that I spelled color with a U without even THINKING ABOUT IT!!!

And I'm really leaving.


aswine said...


Tamara Rose said...

okay... seriously cool post.
Seriously. Way WAY cool! :)

I love you.. like a lot.
I love talking to you a lot too!!

And guess what??!!??!!? In a few months.. like (*counts on fingers*)4 months we'll be having a sleepover for 6 days!!! AHH! I can't even wait.. but i will, 'cus i must.

Thanks for being who you are and being my friend.
*blows a kiss from the land down under*

I <3 you.

Charity said...

okay, I am officially the biggest blog nerd ever, but I JUST have to say that if you guys get to room together, I AM SO COMING OVER FOR SLEEPOVERS!!!!!! Okay? Okay. Okay!

p.s. At least I am commenting real commentable things. One time I had a friend who commented the alphabet on my blog. Yeah. This is better.......

Me, Myself, and I said...

Charity, Hurrah for YOU! You totally merit your own comment box! Thank you, I’m so glad we met. Blogger is good for something I guess, huh. 

#1 I’m glad I make sense to someone. Even I don’t understand what I’m saying sometimes and other people act like they do so I worry, is what I’m saying right with what I’m thinking? Or am I too confused? :::sigh:::
#2 umm, for a variety of reasons…if you honestly honestly want to know I’ll try to remember them all for our conversation ;) DIFFERENT COLOR TASTING IS ABSOLUTE AND MAGNIFICENTLY SUPER COOL! I kinda want to go get some M&Ms now…
I know it’s okay to be sad, I just didn’t want to think about getting rid of Liza right then…::sigh, but dad having a job and us all being together is definitely more important than a horse. And sacrifice is definitely something that’s not bad to have to do ;) I love your books! And if other people think it’s dumb, that’s totally their problem for not having a friend as grand as you to understand it.
#3 haha, thanks. It was a fun day. It was a fun bathroom.
#4 color totally looks better the UK way (and Aussie way?) colour. Oh yeah, definitely.
#5 YOU ARE SO NOT THE BIGGEST BLOG NERD!!!! Dearie, I’ve commented on my blog multiple times and before other people even have before…I love your comments. The more of them, the merrier! AND OF COURSE YOU CAN COME OVER! I wouldn’t have it any other way. (BTW, this is definitely better. ;) [I'm not going back to spell check or anyhting...remember how special that means?{how about the parenthesis within parenthesis? :P}])

Me, Myself, and I said...

that was pretty much a letter...

Me, Myself, and I said...

I had everyone's responses all typed up and the stupid comment box exploded...let's try this again...

Me, Myself, and I said...

Andrew, Andrew, Andrew...everyone has trains, planes, cars, boats, w/e of thought..I just documented mine. AND YOU CALL IT RIDICUROUS??? WOuld you expect anything less than that for my readers?

Tamara my twin!
really? really and truly? thanks. ::smile:: I love you and I love talkiong to you a lot too! Seriously, we have some of the best conversations ever. And I know in a few months while we are stuck together morning and night, we shall have some more. It's going to be hard to wait!!!! oh man...Thank you for being who YOU are and for being MY friend! I love you too! *blows kiss back under and to you from half a world away*

Me, Myself, and I said...

(charity, we can be blog nerds together...I've now commented 5 times on MY OWN BLOG!!! HOW MUCH NERDIER CAN YOU GET?!?!?!?!)

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