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14 March 2008

Walking in Memphis..Which I now have

My dudes,
It's warm.
It's creepy.
It's musicified.
It's inhabited by the majority of my family at the moment.
It's interesting.
It has this perfectly grand park to play soccer in.
It has a four story library.
It has this super cool music/other really cool stuff store called Spin Street...i think.
It's amazing how something so unfimiliar and different can feel like home when family's there.

I'd put some pictures and laughable videos of my brothers on here but my mum's laptop is very grumpy and deciding not to read my nice little memory card...anyway, enjoy the day. I'm going to go enjoy mine with a little greek, chemistry, and some new Jack Johnson. Oh yeah.


Charity said...

uh oh...I'm back. I better not start. ;) Hopefully I will be talking to you in the near future, so I will hear more details about Memphis. I think you should make up a new version of the song, 'cause that other one is kinda weird. I used to listen to the Lonestar version with my sisters alll the time. Another nerdy thing that people probably shouldn't know about. Hehe. Post the pics and vids later, if you can! Have a wonderful time with your family, my dear. You know what they say -- "home is where the heart is." And we all know that a good part of our heart lies with our family...

...and then there's Heaven to look forward to!

love you <3

ben j. said...

:: Shakes fist at Memphis ::

ah well. I'm not helping much, am I?

aswine said...

I'd hate to lose you to that dark evil abyss you seem to enjoy so much.
Meh. Que sera, sera, I guess.
While I'm at it:
Soli Deo gloria.
Semper ubi sub ubi.

Me, Myself, and I said...

Charibuns, I'm so thankful for out lovely 2 hr conversation tonight! er, I guess by now, last night? hehe. I very much needed that. ::sigh:: I feel better now. And yes! Earth is a temp. "living" place before our true perfect Living place. Wherever I am isn't really home- If home is where our hearts are, then I probably have a bit of earth trousing before I shall get to go Home. Anyway, about that's always rather depressing to me, is it just me? Maybe I should listen to it again and double check the lyrics or something. But nevertheless, I have no objection to rewriting it. Be forewarned however, you may have objections to my revisions! :P Okay, this is a stinking book!
As much as I do it, I've been told shaking fists at inanimate objects does no good...Except to those observing. ::smile:: You help more than you think if that makes any sense. Thank you. :)

Me, Myself, and I said...

whoa, somehow you commented while I was replying...anyway--
It's not dark or abyssish. It's actually rather warm and has great BBQ...hey, let me look at the bright side while I’m willing, I may be having to look at the bright side unwillingly in a few months. But anyway, if all those translate the same way (i'm assuming yes?) then, yes. My will is flawed and far too confused. God's will be done and may all be done to His Glory!

To All: I hope these replies made sense—I’m so tired and, and…I can’t remember. Yeah. Good night.

Charity said...

haha, you're cute. I love your replies. You always have such nice ones. Sooo nice to talk and talk. Let's do it again soon. I can't wait for sleepovers!!!