trying something new?

31 May 2008

While the sounds of Switchfoot and smells of pancakes fill the house...

I withdrew to my usual place of retirement in great peace and tranquility; spent about two hours in secret duties and felt much as I did yesterday morning, only weaker and more overcome. I seemed to depend wholly upon my dear Lord, wholly weaned from all other dependences. I knew not what to sat to my God, but only to lean on His bosom, as it were, and breathe out my desires after a perfect conformity to Him in all things. Thirsty desires and insatiable longings possessed my soul after perfect holiness. God was so precious to my soul that the world with all its enjoyments was infinitely vile. I had no more value for all the favor of men than pebbles. The Lord was my ALL; and that He overruled all greatly delighted me. I think my faith and dependence upon God scarce ever rose to high. I saw Him such a fountain of goodness that it seemed impossible I should distrust Him again, or be any way anxious about anything that should happen to me. [David Brainerd, April 28th, 1742]

The Silence and Solitude chapter of Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life is amazing! Of course, every chapter I start reading I think is pretty much amazing. But this one, for some odd reason (hmmm, is it really that odd? :^P), is more amazing than usual...

30 May 2008

My Man Luke

[Luke and I debating Postal Service's best song over a nice glass of ice tea during one of the best days ever]

Yesterday, I got to talk to my big brother on the phone and wish him many happy returns of the day. It was so good to hear his voice; to hear him say, "Girl, what's going on? Is Life good? Is everything going alright?"; to laugh at each other's corny jokes and watch mum's face when we both die laughing at each other's stupidity. It was so good to make sarcastic remarks to each other and talk about our small and petty problems with each other (hey, i now can tell the difference between higher-end pools and the lower-end ones--my bro has enlightened me :^P). It was such an "our" conversation. One minute, making fun of each other; the next, giving one other serious Life advice...and then, right in the middle of it, Luke proves that he's not lost his niche at being able to take me in on the most obvious things...::smile:: It was good to sing "happy birthday" to him in my own off key way and knowing that he didn't care. It felt so nice to hear him say, "dude, when are you coming down? You have your license...don't you? We need to go eat some BBQ and jam together, girl." ::sigh:: To listen to his ridiculous voicemail message...

[sooooo much laughter...Jullian's (I think) in Memphis...Arcade/Resturant thing...really good ice tea too...]
Luke, you are one awesome dude. I love you. You always make me laugh. You always remind me not to take things too seriously. We ague out the finer points of what qualifies as random. We go through the drive-through (how do you spell one of those things???), annoying the cashiers, and singing Queen at the top of our lungs covering all the parts. We watch corny movies together and listen to each other's recommendations. We dare each other to do stupid things at the mall like, jumping on all the mattresses in the store and getting out before the little old sweet clerk lady catches you. Or to get your picture taken with the Easter Bunny. Or to go ask the guy across from us at Pizza Hut if he's seen Nemo 'cause I'm looking for him. Ah, yes. Luke, God has blessed me with one marvelous brother who has some pretty sweet skillz. Don't waste them. Live Life to the fullest. And know, that I always have a hug and a kiss for you no matter how many times you tackle Micky Mouse. Rock on. Lovin' Life, Lovin' You (are you stealing some of Chuck and Cindy's wedding beer? ;^) ).

[Posing with the buisness card that some recorder dude gave Luke the night before while Luke was playing his guitar. :P]

28 May 2008

there's a double meaning in that

i officially started working again today.
this could be one grand summer--the drama's already begun. :^/
whoo hoo.
fortunately, i am usually able to avoid it. but in the four hours i was there today there's already been attempts.
oh dear.

27 May 2008

these are the chronicles of Life and Death and Everything between

! Dad left for Memphis yesterday afternoon unknowingly leaving behind his creative writing book for class.

@ Dad called this morning before 7 saying he needed said book because an assignment was due.

# Mum woke me, told me she had to leave for work and that I should await Dad's call to see exactly what he needed and then do it.

$ Dad called and he needed his entire lesson 2 and the exercises.

% I proceeded to go upstairs, nervous about trying to use our "3 in 1" scanner/printer/faxer thing it always seemed to forget that it was a "3 in 1" and usually didn't play any of the above parts.

* After spending 40 min. trying to convince the computer that the horrid Lexmark was indeed connected to the computer, I called Dad back and asked some advice.

( I ran through the usual troubleshooting steps. Many times.

) Finally, I thought, "Whatever, I'll hook it up to the other computer. I'm not loosing anything."

!! Success! Success! It worked!


Thankfully, Mum is extremely organized and had all the user guides/installation cds/usb cords/random cool penguin stickers and such all sorted in her filing cabinet and it took a whole of 13 seconds of panicking before I found them.

Dad has his assignment, I actually fingered out this semi-complicated-for-me-issue, and life goes on. Hurrah. I feel grown up.

I dislike computers (and the house smells like someone is cooking a chicken...weird.).

19 May 2008

while words evade me, shine on

Adam D: Did you know your name spelled backwards is mmikhael?  Sorta like Michael.  We could call you Mikael!  

Er, Mikey.

I:  ::laughing::

People who come and make random comments to me through-out the day totally make it spectacular.  Thanks Adam! :^)

Appearance doesn't matter during finals.  (So said some flair)
Including the glazed-over-eye-from-too-little-sleep-and-too-much-caffeine-look (So said I) which I will be sporting tomorrow.


But who cares?!  Tomorrow, I am leaving behind 4 classes (and Thursday 4 more!!!!)  that I am done with!  (good-bye Jay Wile!  I'm not going to be missing you!)  Mum is already discussing next years classes at IUK...oh dear....


God Will Heal My Faithlessness is pretty much one of the most amazing and self-identifying (or whatever you would call it) posts I've ever read.  You should read it.  Really and Truly.   


I've left my lab book and greek homework at home.  oops.  


Ethan had his last soccer game tonight and they were amazing!  Had some serious foot skillz going on and some pretty grand steals/passes.  


I didn't mean to make this another rambling, random thought post.  But it came anyway.  I guess my mind won't write other than it is no matter how much I wish to change it.  

Emery (As Your Voice Fades) is humming over the speakers to me...

And the world spins madly on.  

09 May 2008

There is so much I could talk about.

So many different things going on that I could forget trying to stick to one topic and ramble on about everything...but that defeats the purpose of midnight phone calls.  

I could talk about the amazing thoughts I've been reading in my Spiritual Disciplines book on Stewardship (oh, man!  'tis good.  'tis good.).

I could write on the simply ridiculous and hilarious and spiffy times my sister have at 11:42 p.m. talking about grammer and Shakespeare and bbq grilling and Closer episodes and her old slow laptop and whether or not nonimperativesque is a word and exactly how we'd use it in a sentence and how we both can't talk while we are laughing that hard because we sound like mice and fall off beds at that late hour.

I could write about how Revelation has some amazing stuff in the first 3 chapters and how some new understanding has come from Mr. VanDoodawaard's excellent teaching.  

Or I could write about the crazy time last Saturday night/morning my little bro and I had baking these AMAZING chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips and with more chocolate flavoring whist singing Sarah Brightman's part in Phantom of the Opera and not being able to hit that high...E maybe?  And getting into one of the stupidest burping contests ever.  By the way,  Andrea Bochelli and Sarah Brightman sing a lovely duet 'Time to say Goodbye'.     

Perhaps I could post the words to this positively beautiful hymn that we are singing in my music skillz class.  They make you  cry.  

I could brave all embarrassment of my badness at putting words together and type some of my own pathetic work up here for all to be nice and say, "I like it!  Good job!" while all the while them and I both know it's not even close to being liked.  No, the world shall be none the wiser.

Half my life ago, my aunt brought me the first of A Series of Unfortunate Events.  I didn't like it.  Now, half my life later, my sister bought the eleventh of the series for my brother and I'm totally enjoying it--at least the first chapter and a half ;^).  I could create a post of some of the most witty things I've ever read from this book, but that would take too long.  (I'm sure making this pointless list is much less time consuming ;^) )


Well, now that I have posts covered for the next several months and absolutely nothing done for today, I shall leave.


I guess I should leave something beneficial for you who braved your way all the way down here.  


So, in the words of Reepacheep, "This is where I go one alone!"