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09 May 2008

There is so much I could talk about.

So many different things going on that I could forget trying to stick to one topic and ramble on about everything...but that defeats the purpose of midnight phone calls.  

I could talk about the amazing thoughts I've been reading in my Spiritual Disciplines book on Stewardship (oh, man!  'tis good.  'tis good.).

I could write on the simply ridiculous and hilarious and spiffy times my sister have at 11:42 p.m. talking about grammer and Shakespeare and bbq grilling and Closer episodes and her old slow laptop and whether or not nonimperativesque is a word and exactly how we'd use it in a sentence and how we both can't talk while we are laughing that hard because we sound like mice and fall off beds at that late hour.

I could write about how Revelation has some amazing stuff in the first 3 chapters and how some new understanding has come from Mr. VanDoodawaard's excellent teaching.  

Or I could write about the crazy time last Saturday night/morning my little bro and I had baking these AMAZING chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips and with more chocolate flavoring whist singing Sarah Brightman's part in Phantom of the Opera and not being able to hit that high...E maybe?  And getting into one of the stupidest burping contests ever.  By the way,  Andrea Bochelli and Sarah Brightman sing a lovely duet 'Time to say Goodbye'.     

Perhaps I could post the words to this positively beautiful hymn that we are singing in my music skillz class.  They make you  cry.  

I could brave all embarrassment of my badness at putting words together and type some of my own pathetic work up here for all to be nice and say, "I like it!  Good job!" while all the while them and I both know it's not even close to being liked.  No, the world shall be none the wiser.

Half my life ago, my aunt brought me the first of A Series of Unfortunate Events.  I didn't like it.  Now, half my life later, my sister bought the eleventh of the series for my brother and I'm totally enjoying it--at least the first chapter and a half ;^).  I could create a post of some of the most witty things I've ever read from this book, but that would take too long.  (I'm sure making this pointless list is much less time consuming ;^) )


Well, now that I have posts covered for the next several months and absolutely nothing done for today, I shall leave.


I guess I should leave something beneficial for you who braved your way all the way down here.  


So, in the words of Reepacheep, "This is where I go one alone!" 


Charity said...

This was such a beautiful post. I am really and surely serious. I am on the chapter about Stewardship in Spiritual Disciplines, too! We should compare notes sometime soon. And I absolutely love ridiculous and hilarious family moments! And I studied Revelation in my Worldviews class with Mrs. Ray and my Southside RP buddies a couple years ago and was amazed. And I wouldn't lie to you; I would be able to honestly say I liked anything you wrote, I am sure. And I love all the wittyness and clever writings in A Series of Unfortunate Events! (Maria owns several of the books) And I am so glad you posted, and I hope you don't really think you have "posts covered for the next several months"!! But I know both our social calendars are rather filled with many, many aspects of I will forgive you if you really do think that.

Charity said...

And I'm pretty sure that didn't make very much sense...but how could I expect you to understand it otherwise???

...or something like that.


Mariaj said...

man, how special, 3 comments from only Blackwood girls. ;)

Mariaj said...

or maybe I should make it 4. :) now you will be sooo excited TWO WHOLE COMMENTS, but they are only from me, no reason for excitement. that was a beautiful post. I love reading your posts, even your pointless lists, they make me smile, and laugh...a lot! Thanks for that.
you know, the entire time I was reading your posts I was thinking of comments, but now as the time has come to comment... I can't much think of them. Anywho, it is getting late and I should be sleeping, so this is where I end my comment of nothingness.


Me, Myself, and I said...

aww, girls!!!! thank you! i love reading your comments (yes, it made sense Charity ;^) ) and they make the sun seem to shine a little brighter (even when you think they contain nothingness, they are positively grand Maria!). can't wait for your visit when i can give you guys a real, honest to goodness hug! mmm, more like HUGS!!!!!