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27 May 2008

these are the chronicles of Life and Death and Everything between

! Dad left for Memphis yesterday afternoon unknowingly leaving behind his creative writing book for class.

@ Dad called this morning before 7 saying he needed said book because an assignment was due.

# Mum woke me, told me she had to leave for work and that I should await Dad's call to see exactly what he needed and then do it.

$ Dad called and he needed his entire lesson 2 and the exercises.

% I proceeded to go upstairs, nervous about trying to use our "3 in 1" scanner/printer/faxer thing it always seemed to forget that it was a "3 in 1" and usually didn't play any of the above parts.

* After spending 40 min. trying to convince the computer that the horrid Lexmark was indeed connected to the computer, I called Dad back and asked some advice.

( I ran through the usual troubleshooting steps. Many times.

) Finally, I thought, "Whatever, I'll hook it up to the other computer. I'm not loosing anything."

!! Success! Success! It worked!


Thankfully, Mum is extremely organized and had all the user guides/installation cds/usb cords/random cool penguin stickers and such all sorted in her filing cabinet and it took a whole of 13 seconds of panicking before I found them.

Dad has his assignment, I actually fingered out this semi-complicated-for-me-issue, and life goes on. Hurrah. I feel grown up.

I dislike computers (and the house smells like someone is cooking a chicken...weird.).


aswine said...

Ugh, the world would be so much better if there weren't any electronics...
I'm dealing with the problem of the stupid computer leaving out a bunch of Hope for Eternity video...I never told it to do that, and I don't know where it got the idea that I didn't want to watch Mr. Donnelly anymore.

"Curse you, AquaScum!!!"

Oh, by the way, you aren't supposed to start lines with capital numbers.

Me, Myself, and I said...

oh man...definitely. except for iPods...those haven't made me mad...yet. and they are extremely nice on long bike rides and afternoons of weeding.


That was the idea ;^)