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06 June 2008

decisions, of which i'm quite bad at, unless i've already made up my mind

it's 11:30 p.m. (hehe, makes me think of when Charity calls and says, "oh! i bet we woke everyone up!" nope, everyone's up talking can join in the festivities! :P)
my family has some grand late night habits.
ethan's chatting on the phone with dad.
mum's making hot chocolate (yes, in 90* weather, with the AC on... :) ).
amia, the only wise one, is sleeping, almost enough to be considered soundly.
i, munching on Flat Earth's crisps (hey, their not half bad...rather on the better half actually...), doughnut holes, and drinking o.j, am trying to decide whether to go against all my normalities and go to bed as i definitely need to rise promptly after 6 with my singing alarm or to do the usual and stay up with everyone and watch a movie...i mean, come on, it's Home Along 2!!! i kinda have to watch it, don't I? :P sitting in my dark room, listening to The Chronicles of Narnia being radio dramatized in the background, and hearing my cat jump into his usual spot on my bed...leaving just enough room for my feet...i honestly and truly want to go to bed...but, it is Home Alone 2.

ahh. the tough decisions in life :P

contempt (or is it disdain?), farewell--
maiden pride, adu--
nice amounts of sleep, forget you.
Central Park's Christmas tree, here I come (it's just 2 hours of sleep anyway)!


Charity said...

haha, sounds like me and my sisters. I love Home Alone!!! Last night, Richy Rich was on (the same kid who is in Home Alone is in that...have you seen it?), and we kids all had to watch it. :)

Me, Myself, and I said...

yay! i'm so glad someone understand Home, i haven't seen that one. Oh man, I'm gonna have to now! :)