trying something new?

26 July 2008


::sigh::  I love my sister.  She is pretty much the definition of superness.  We have grand long talks on the phone about everything...and absolutely nothing a lot of the time.    

Today, we laughed about the worked "funk" for probably 20 min...                                                                                                       
                                                                                                         ...It was awesome. 

22 July 2008

good times in plaid shorts and striped shirts

which i happen to be in.

oh yeah.

Mum is in Memphis.

Ethan and I* stayed up watching Lone Ranger episodes

 and eating Macaroni and Cheese 

and cookie dough 

and cheeze-its! 

and dancing to Led Zeppelin and making Lemon-aid and listening for tornado warnings long into the night...

*I watched the first 5/10 episodes before more jet lag overcame me...Ethan was the trooper and finished all before bedtime.

::Jammin' to Lynard Skynard whilst we deep clean our rooms is next on the schedual::  

oh yeah.