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18 August 2008

Hard Heart Lessons and Asking for Directions

::sigh::  This summer has been very interesting for me.  I feel that my heart has gone through so much.  As I think back over lessons fought through and conquered (or something better that what it was anyway ;) ) I think, "Man, I've been stretched as far as I care to be for awhile now," and the next thought is, "what am I saying?!  God's will is perfect and it's totally been working out so far, yeah?  I'm still alive--my heart is still pumping nice and soundly...what's your problem, girl?"  Before Ukraine, on the way to Ukraine, in Ukraine, on the way home, YSSP, work, the past few days reading a really good book my sister got many lessons.  It's so interesting how I plan my life out (well, at least summer wise ;) ) and things totally don't go the way *I* plan yet, I wouldn't wish it different because The Perfect Plan has been fully unveiled.