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18 August 2008

Hard Heart Lessons and Asking for Directions

::sigh::  This summer has been very interesting for me.  I feel that my heart has gone through so much.  As I think back over lessons fought through and conquered (or something better that what it was anyway ;) ) I think, "Man, I've been stretched as far as I care to be for awhile now," and the next thought is, "what am I saying?!  God's will is perfect and it's totally been working out so far, yeah?  I'm still alive--my heart is still pumping nice and soundly...what's your problem, girl?"  Before Ukraine, on the way to Ukraine, in Ukraine, on the way home, YSSP, work, the past few days reading a really good book my sister got many lessons.  It's so interesting how I plan my life out (well, at least summer wise ;) ) and things totally don't go the way *I* plan yet, I wouldn't wish it different because The Perfect Plan has been fully unveiled.     


aswine said...

Not only is His will perfect, but it's an awful lot of fun to watch it unfold in my life and others'. I keep laughing at myself when I think I have any idea of what the next year is going to look like. It never turns out like I expect.

Me, Myself, and I said...

heh, entirely. and i don't think it ever will.