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22 September 2008

There is a Purpose

Man, I had never thought about having a specific friend and there being this huge point behind God having brought you two together.  I mean, all the time, I'm so thankful for the friends He's given me, and I know He gave them to me, but I guess I never stopped to muse over there might be a bigger reason other than my personal enjoyment ;).  Then again, since there is a purpose in everything He allows, I wonder why I didn't realize it sooner! 
Anyway, last THursday evening, I realized, perhaps, one huge reason why one certain lovely girl and I were brought into each other's lives.  I'm not her closest friend, but at SCA I'm the one who knows her best.  It also turns out that I had gone through almost the exact same things she's working through about 1 1/2 years earlier.   She came up and spilled; I identified.  I didn't really read too deep into this situation until I got to my sister's later that evening.  As I shared my heart with her she helped me see that there was a purpose in all the hardship in my life before where before, I had not.  Before, I would have said, "Why?  I don't get it!  There is absolutely no reason for this happening!"  Now, I see why God allowed (or at least one reason ;) ) to happen what He did and I can even say I'm thankful for it.   

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