trying something new?

19 October 2008

cold thoughts at 11:27 p.m.

! mmmm, my toes are cold and they feel even colder against my *warmer* ankles. 
@ i've translated 2 1/2 greek verses with a broken purple pencil.  ---->
# i'm attempting to warm up the frozen knot in my stomach with STASH'S earl grey's scalding but man, even it tastes coldish.
^ *almost all* of my clothes are clean.  
& i like jeans.  and sweatshirts.  and bagels.  and car rides.  and McAlister's Deli.  and swings, a lot.  
$ my penguin pjs are not performing up to their promised warming guarantee...looking at them playing in the snow on my kneecap isn't helping either.  why do they put snow on things that are supposed to make you feel warm and cuddly?  
% future of forestry is perfect.
* tears need to stop flowing so easily from my eyes, hunger needs to return to my body, sleep needs to saturate my mind, grades need to drop from 'panic' mode and just chill, and God has satisfied all.   


em said...

it almost seems like an oxymoron... penguin pajamas to keep you warm.

Me, Myself, and I said...

i know...really.
hey! i din't get to see you today! i miss you. :^/