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15 October 2008

Question 3 is based on the following passage.

It may look as though I do not know how to begin my tale.  Funny sight, the elderly gentleman who comes lumbering by in a valiant dash for the bus, which he eventually overtakes but is afraid to board in motion and so, with a sheepish smiles, drops back, still going at a trot.  Is it that I dare not make the leap  It roars, gathers speed, will presently vanish irrevocably around the corner, the bus, the motorbus, the mighty motorbus that is my tale.  Rather bulky imagery, this.  I am still running.

In context, the actions of the "elderly gentleman" (line 2) are best understand as
(A) a sign that the narrator fears he will miss an appointment
(B) a reference to the narrator's physical skills
(C) a symbol of the narrator's social status
(D) a metaphor for the narrator's literary struggles
(E) an allusion to the narrator's artistic reputation

 Yes, I is taking the Psat.  

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