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08 October 2008

sunrise [even when you can't see it for the clouds that lie in the way]

There are those days where I just love the feeling of rain.
There's no other time it would be so perfect, so right.  
It matches my mood, my feelings, the songs I hum in my head.  
If it were sunny, it would be different.  But it's raining; it's so perfect, so right.  
Rain and gray clouds are not synonymous with sadness and bad days.  They can be glorious and beautiful!   
The feeling is quite cold and tingly on my skin; I get goosebumps.  
But there is not a reason or reward that would make me want to change that.  
The freezing droplets soak my shoes and I, from then on, carry the sound of my enjoyment with me through the rest of my day.  :)

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